99 Days of Self-Discovery Forever Changed This Man’s Life. 


In the grand tapestry of personal transformation, Arnie’s story shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration. A tale of breaking free from the clutches of alcohol and reclaiming one’s life, Arnie’s journey is a testament to the power of human determination and the guidance of a compassionate mentor. This is the story of how Arnie, with the unwavering support of James Swanwick, embarked on a 99-day odyssey towards a new and vibrant life.

When Wine Became a Crutch

Arnie’s story begins with an honest confession – red wine had become more than just a beverage of choice. It had evolved into a coping mechanism, a way to escape the rigors of life. The initial allure of a glass or two after work gradually devolved into a cycle of detachment, where he found himself waking up with thoughts of his first drink. The craving for that glass of wine had become a steadfast companion, a sign of a life on the brink.

Amidst the struggles and the shadows of dependency, Arnie found a glimmer of hope. He recounts his realization that change was not only desired but necessary. Determined to transcend his reliance on alcohol, Arnie embarked on a 90-day challenge – a commitment to rediscover himself and rewrite his narrative. It was in this moment of decision that he crossed paths with James Swanwick. 

James Swanwick is an Australian-American entrepreneur who helps casual drinkers reduce or quit alcohol. He is also an investor, speaker, journalist, and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor and Hollywood correspondent. He has coached thousands of people to improve their lives and performance by adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. As the creator of Project 90, an online program providing support and coaching for individuals eliminating alcohol from their lives, that’s where Arnie’s journey gained momentum.

Through weekly group calls and insightful individual coaching sessions, James provided Arnie with a roadmap to success. The camaraderie Arnie experienced during group calls, the personal attention he received, and the guidance he garnered marked the cornerstone of his transformation.

As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Arnie’s transformation became undeniable. He declared his accomplishment with a heart full of pride – “I’m 99 days alcohol-free.” The journey had resulted in tangible changes: physical rejuvenation, improved sleep, and an undeniable clarity of mind. However, the true beauty of Arnie’s transformation lay in his newfound presence. He was not just breaking free from alcohol; he was embracing life’s vibrant colors with a renewed zest.

A Deeper Awakening: Emotional Liberation

Beyond the physical changes, Arnie’s emotional renaissance was awe-inspiring. His voice resonated with the depth of his experience – feeling more awake, more attuned to his surroundings, and profoundly connected to those around him. Arnie’s journey was not just about abstaining from alcohol; it was about rekindling the spark of life within him.

Arnie’s journey continues to unfold, as he reflects on the newfound sense of liberation and empowerment. With a firm resolve, he envisions a future free from the chains of his past habits. As he looks ahead, he acknowledges the pivotal role played by James Swanwick in his journey. “I don’t see myself drinking right now,” Arnie declares, embodying the self-assuredness that comes from shedding an old skin.

Arnie’s triumphant journey to an alcohol-free life is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship. James Swanwick’s guidance, structured approach, and unwavering support became the pillars on which Arnie built his newfound life. The weekly group calls, personalized coaching, and empathetic guidance from James have not only helped Arnie rewrite his narrative but have also set a template for others seeking change.

Arnie’s story of transformation is not just his alone; it is a testament to the potential within all of us. Guided by James Swanwick, Arnie’s journey is a beacon of hope, proving that change is possible with the right mentor and the determination to embrace life anew. His journey reaffirms that amidst the shadows, there is always the possibility of transformation, empowerment, and gratitude for the light that guides us forward.