Meet Alex Schimm: Mr. Indiana in the 2024 Mister USA competition

Alex Schimm
Alex Schimm. Photo Credit: Tyler Adams.

Alex Schimm is Mr. Indiana in the 2024 Mister USA competition. He chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

Mister USA 2024 pageant

Mister USA is an American beauty pageant, which is held annually, and the winner goes on to represent the United States in the Mister Universe competition. It is a celebration of culture, diversity, beauty, intelligence and empowerment. They believe in the power of young leaders to make a difference in the world. It is not solely about outer beauty; it recognizes the inner beauty and intelligence of their contestants.

“Honestly, it’s cool,” he said about being a part of the Mister USA pageant. “It caught me off guard initially. I remember some of my favorite bodybuilders back in the day doing similar pageants, so honestly, it sounds awesome. The process hasn’t started yet, so I am figuring it out.”

Mister USA will be held on August 11, 2024 in Hollywood. The winner of Mister USA will subsequently represent USA at “Mister Universe” on September 28, 2024 at The Biltmore in Los Angeles.

“I think the event in August at The Shrine in Los Angeles will be pretty cool,” he admitted. “I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what to expect but I am excited to be back on stage again.”

“I think Mister USA will be a fun experience,” he foreshadowed. “I can’t wait to be a part of something this big.”

“I hope it will open up some new doors and put me in contact with some new people such as new brands and photographers,” he added.

Daily inspirations

On his daily motivations, he said, “I honestly just love the gym. I know a lot of people need motivation to go to the gym, but I love going. It is a stress release, it releases endorphins, and the line of work that I do benefits from me working out and going to the gym all the time.”

Future plans

Regarding his future plans, he shared, “Right now, I want to continue doing what I am doing. Eventually, I would like to open up my own gym, where I can have a safe space for people in my area that want to come and work out. Honestly, right now, I am enjoying life, and I have nothing weighing me down.”

“I like working out, modeling, spending time with my dogs, and having fun with my friends on the weekends,” he added.

“I never really wanted to be a fitness trainer but one day, after I helped a woman with some minor advise and trained her a little bit, she got emotional with me and told me that I changed her life for the better, and in return, that made me emotional and pushed me more into fitness and helping others instead of just going to the gym for my own pleasure.”

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Exploration.” “I am exploring new avenues… I got heavily into modeling this year and I am doing things outside of my comfort zone such as Mister USA. I am definitely get more expressive on social media, so this is my exploration phase,” he explained.

His superpower of choice would be “teleportation.” “I would like to go anywhere at any time without the need of hopping on a plane, or waiting,” he said.

Favorite mottos to live by

His favorite motto to live by is one by Chuck Palahniuk (author of “Fight Club”): “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

“Also, do what makes you happy, then you never work a day in your life,” he said. “Don’t sweat the things that aren’t important.”

Schimm shared that he enjoys swimming, and he listed the freestyle as his personal favorite stroke.


On his definition of the word success, he responded, “Doing what makes you happy. If you are happy, you are successful.”

Fans and supporters

For his fans and supporters, he said, “Thanks for always sticking around regardless of my highs, lows, and inactivity. I appreciate anybody who has stuck around and has been there from day one. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now. Their support comes a long way.”

“Obviously, it is easy to be your own motivator, but having support from other people , and having recognition definitely pushes you closer in that direction,” he added.

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