Celebrity Spotlight: Sonia Rockwell at 14th Annual Living Legends in Aviation


It’s award season in Hollywood, and that means a whole gamut of red carpet events filled with celebrities. In the heart of it all at the Beverly Hilton Hotel we have the 14th Annual Living Legends in Aviation. An event that attracts advocates for recreational aviation enjoyment that range from military pilots to the celebrities that play them.

Spotted on the red carpet was actress Sonia Rockwell, who not only appreciates flying, but has her full fledged pilots license.

During her video interview by up and coming red carpet host and entrepreneur Hunter Gaylord, Sonia reflected on her journey to obtaining her pilots license. Stating that it took her what seemed like “forever” to get her pilots license based around her acting schedule. Having gone all over the world, Sonia’s passion for flight grew alongside her acting career. Possessing the pilots license allows her to go to places that are beyond where “United has flown” from her cabin attendant days.

Sonia is currently involved in a new film “Walk of Fame” releasing March 24, 2017. Featuring an eccentric, volatile acting coach guiding aspiring actors in Los Angeles. A film about the industry holding a mirror up to its self.   

Overall, Sonia’s positive energy was quite infectious during the interview. You can’t help but get inspired. Getting a pilots license while on a tight acting schedule and traveling all over the world can be tough, but as Sonia has shown us, there are no excuses for the truly determined.


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