A Breakdown of Bully Breeds

bully breeds

Bully breeds are some of the most popular dogs in the United States.  This breed encompasses many terrier-type dogs such as bull terriers, bullmastiffs, and boxers.  Understanding this bully breeds is useful due to their prevalence in the United States. 

In fact, in 21 states, such as  Oregon, Montana, Arkansas, Utah, and Wyoming, bully breeds and pit bulls are the most popular breed.  Overall, bully  breeds make up 20% of the dog population in the United States.  Part of the reason behind their popularity may be due to their temperament.  In fact, bully breeds are among the top percentile of best-tempered dogs.   For example, the American Bully scored 100% on the ATTS Temperament test, and the Bull Terrier and Dogo Argentino both scored 90.9%. 

In 2022, the French Bulldog overtook the Labrador Retriever as the number one most popular breed in the United States.  The Labrador Retriever had held the title for 31 years.  The Bulldog is the sixth most popular breed, followed by Rottweilers in number seven. 

Bully breeds continue to gain recognition as people look them up online.  According to Google trends, the American Pitbull Terrier is a common search, followed by the American Bully, Bulldog, and Mastiff.  These dogs are important to people across the United States, and Americans are interested in learning more about the breed.

Despite their popularity in the United States, bully breeds originate from all across the world.  The English Bulldog comes from the British Isles, the Dogo Argentino comes from Córdoba, and the Dogue de Bordeaux comes from France, to name a few. 

Despite their global origins, bully breeds are notable for their impact on the United States, and are sometimes seen as “America’s Dogs.” They have a good temperament and provide loving companions to millions of Americans.

The Most Popular Bully Breeds in the United States