A Millionaire’s Habits for Focus and Success by Steven Pemberton


Running a business is physically and mentally challenging on its own. But being an entrepreneur throws in extra layers to the experience. There is emotional and psychological tension that comes from constantly living life on the edge and taking risk after risk.

This is something 7-figure e-commerce business owner and upcoming multimillionaire Steven Pemberton definitely knows. 

That’s why, over the years, he has developed a set of daily habits that keep him centered and focused on his goals, which he also attributes to his success.

Here are his top three habits, which he gladly shared on the Marketing Over Coffee podcast for anyone and everyone seeking success.

Millionaire Success Habit One: Regular Resets and Centering.

It’s easy to be pulled away by market trends or pinging notifications. Did you know that studies reveal the average person’s attention span in 2022 is a whopping 8 seconds? 

The thing is, success demands a long-term commitment to a vision. It requires perseverance to keep going even when you want to be doing something else. Because how often have you succeeded at something after trying for only 8 seconds?

Most millionaires talk about centering at the beginning of each day, which helps them accomplish more. However, Steven does it differently by having smaller resets throughout the day.

He has quiet time to reflect in the morning and takes 10-minute walks after lunch and dinner to refresh his mind. 

Working non-stop throughout the day tends to wear down your focus and stamina, and these regular resets have been proven to help Steven work better for longer.

This habit also helps Steven stay focused on his goal: He doesn’t only remind himself what he’s working for once a day. He does it three times a day

So even if he does get distracted by something, in a few hours at his next reset, he’ll be pulling his attention back to his business’s vision and mission.

Millionaire Success Habit Two: Self-Care.

Running a business is a marathon, not a race. At least, it is if you are in it for the long run and are not just chasing a quick trend.

Therefore, while it’s essential to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to maximize profits, it’s also important to know how to slow down and take care of yourself.

Steven makes it a point to stay away from his screen in the mornings and evenings.

He begins each day with a solid hour to himself to fulfill his introverted needs. He reads, prays, writes down his thoughts, and generally enjoys quiet and solitude before the work day begins.

Hours and hours later, after all the meetings and tasks are completed, he will then have a “digital sunset” where he unplugs from his devices to concentrate on quality time with his family.

These hours are precious to Steven because he can detach from the business owner aspect of his life and enjoy being a complete person.

Millionaire Success Habit Three: Maximizing Each Encounter.

Why is it so crucial for Steven to regularly reset and care for himself to ensure he runs at peak efficiency every workday? To maximize profits, yes, sure. But it’s more than that.

“If you have something really good, you need to be the best you can to help people on the other side,” Steven says. “There are people who are waiting on you to get good because they need you.”

This is a big part of Steven’s success: regardless of who he is talking to, no matter how big or small their current business, he gives them his full attention and helps however much he can. 

In fact, Steven makes himself available to anyone who is looking for some tips. Anyone can book a call with Steven on his website for a chat or business advice. 

And why does he do this? Because helping empower people by helping them make money is Steven’s true life mission. All his business–Hollow Co–is doing is connecting him to those who need him the most.

And people notice. That is how Steven developed an extremely respected and loved reputation in the business community from many different niches, which, of course, helps him grow his business even more.

We are all wired differently. The habits that helped Steven succeed may or may not work for you. But, based on Steven’s business track record, it’s safe to assume he is on to something.