Why Fitness Is Key to Your Success by Onyx W. D. Johnson


Is it a coincidence that most financially successful people have exercise routines or participate in fitness activities? Could there be a link between fitness and success? 

With a sample of 233 self-made millionaires and 128 not-so-successful people, author Tom Corley’s research on the habits of rich people revealed that 76 percent of the rich incorporated exercise in their every day for at least 30 minutes.

Although there is no causality between engaging in physical exercise and generating wealth, you can tell that staying fit is part of their process—and it is not just a fad. Investing in your body is key to excellent performance and can be linked to success.

How fitness contributes to success

Fitness is vital in your journey to success and if you accommodate exercise in your lifestyle, here is how it will contribute to your success.

Maintains health

Staying fit has many benefits for our health. These include the physical benefits, cognitive performance, maintaining weight and blood pressure, a healthy heart, and boosting your memory, among other benefits.

While exercise has many benefits, none comes close to keeping you healthy. Staying healthy plays a significant role in your quest for success—when you are well, you can perform optimally.

Often, we work too hard and long and forget to take care of ourselves until something goes wrong, then we take sick leaves, pushing back the work we intend to accomplish and ending with more work. As Edward Stanley’s quote says, “If you don’t have time for exercise, you will have to find time for sickness.”

If fitness can eliminate or reduce your hospital visits or sick leaves, start your journey now. It is crucial for your performance and, ultimately, your success.

Improves mental wellness

Stress can significantly reduce your performance because it leaves you in a conflicting state of mind. However, when your mind is doing well, you can make better decisions, especially if you are a team leader, allowing you to be more effective at work. Likewise, when you have a healthy mind, you also relate better with your workmates or employees. And as a result, you strengthen teamwork, which is vital for success.

Exercise is one of the greatest stress relievers. When you work out, your body produces endorphins that will make you feel better and reduce stress. Moreover, your body develops a better coping mechanism because exercise imitates the effects of stress, teaching the body’s system to work alongside those effects. This way, it reduces the adverse effects of stress.

In addition, exercise increases your level of concentration, which can enhance your performance. On the other hand, if you lack concentration, you are bound to make miscalculations and miss great ideas, making you less efficient. 

When you can concentrate without stress, you can work more effectively and get closer to success. Therefore, it is important to account for your mental wellness.

Develops discipline

Maintaining a regular fitness routine is not as easy as it sounds.  

However, through the pain, it teaches you consistency and discipline. There is no room for excuses because once you start slacking, it is easy to go astray, and getting back to the rhythm you’ve started becomes challenging. For this reason, those who make fitness part of their lifestyle make it non-negotiable and commit to growth.

Patience, discipline, and consistency are outstanding characteristics successful people possess. Regular exercise can make you also acquire these traits, which, when applied to your work, will help make you successful.

Teaches goal setting

Fitness teaches you to be goal-oriented. You can’t tone your body or gain some muscle overnight. But, once you set your sight on what you want and stick to a regular exercise regime, you begin seeing results. 

Once you see progress, you set your aim higher, stick to a diet that fits your body, and work out consistently—you naturally raise the bar for yourself. You become hungry to improve yourself and overcome the limiting beliefs you once had about your fitness and health.

Imagine setting goals in your venture and having that kind of hunger to see it through. You will succeed because all your efforts will be aimed at seeing your business go to higher levels until prosperity.

Even though people can associate the benefits of fitness with their growth and success, they create excuses such as lacking time to work out and the resources needed. 

To help others combat this, Onyx W. D. Johnson, project manager, vision coach, and CEO, developed a personal training network. This network has training coaches, a health network, and an application with tons of exercise routines you can do from home. You can also track your nutrition and training. So what are you waiting for?