Beyond Imagination – Meet Beomni Humanoid Robot at CES

Public relations image prepared by Beyond Imagination to demonstrate the possibilities of its Beomni general-purpose humanoid robot and platform. For more information, visit

Harry Kloor was born crippled with his legs backwards 210 degrees. He was told that he would not be able to run, walk properly and play with the other kids. When he was 7 years old, Harry imagined that if he could become a robot that he could do the things that other kids could do. Buy the time he was 12 Harry with his mom’s help, he overcame his disability by tying sticks to his legs, and twisting them on the regular basis, until his legs became normal. With some hard work he also became a talented martial artist. A seemingly impossible feat that was “Beyond imagination”

As an adult Kloor attended Purdue University and became the first person to earn a PhD in two simultaneous disciplines; Physics and Chemistry. Dr. Kloor has since been involved in many scientific discoveries and projects.

On January 1st, 2018 Dr. Kloor, started “Beyond Imagination”. Beyond Imagination was started on the idea that remote piloted robots could perform jobs that humans found tedious, laborious or dangerous. These robots could do these jobs without human intervention.

Beyond Imagination’s latest robot is “Beomni“. “Beomni” is one of the world’s most advanced general-purpose humanoid robots, with an evolving “AI Brain” that allows it to assist its human pilot in performing a virtually infinite number of chores.”

Beomni may be used to conduct scientific experiments in difficult situations, such as microgravity. ZERO-G and BEYOND IMAGINATION intend to deploy customized versions of its robot that can execute experiments in the ZERO-G plane while experimenters remain safely on the ground.

Leveraging Beomni’s low-latency remote video feed and natural controls, experimenters will be able to manipulate their equipment from afar while they are actually on the aircraft. Adds Dr. Kloor, “as a scientist experienced with microgravity experiments, I know that the ability to manipulate a microgravity experiment from the ground is a game-changer. Our partnership will enable more complex actions to be performed and multiple experimenters to participate.”

Ease of use is one of Beomni’s trademarks, as it claims. It has been observed that new users quickly get used to piloting the robot after a few minutes of practice. Invited guests will be able to control the robot using only a virtual reality headset and special gloves at the event.

‘BEYOND IMAGINATION’s robots are controlled by an AI Brain that supplements and enhances human abilities in collaboration with a human operator. This AI includes many “lobes,” each of which is concerned with a distinct skill or set of skills the robot can execute. Beomni’s AI Brain learns through time, developing from assisting.

This cooperation is a first step toward allowing more people to participate in microgravity experiences at NASA and elsewhere.
Beomni has applications in space-based and lunar operations and construction as well as terrestrial activities ranging from bio-manufacturing & logistics to aircraft & energy sector inspections to health care & senior care services. BEYOND IMAGINATION recently completed an on-site pilot study at TRU PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Center with Beomni and has been busy scheduling more pilot studies across a range of industries for early 2022.

Beyond Imagination invites you to interact and control Beomni at booth 9927 Tech Hall East at CES, January 5-7, 2022.

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