AI HabyPets Transforms Metaverse With Digital Adoption 

AI HabyPets
AI HabyPets

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way we interact with digital realms. Simultaneously, the concept of the Metaverse has gained revolutionary traction, and it keeps promising boundless possibilities for immersive experiences. Habytat, a rapidly growing Metaverse platform is a perfect example of AI’s potential with its recent release of AI HabyPets

Darin Myman, CEO of Habytat believes the significance of AI HabyPets is demonstrating AI’s pivotal role in shaping the Metaverse’s future. We had an extraordinary talk with Darin, as we offered a captivating glimpse into this dynamic intersection of technology and virtual worlds. 

The Evolution of HabyPets 

True Hollywood Talk: Could you share with us the concept of AI HabyPets that came about and how they contribute to the unique experience within the vibrant world of the Habytat metaverse? 

Darin: Our goal was to create a unique Metaverse experience, and we have achieved remarkable growth, possibly becoming the fastest-growing Metaverse. We are on track to surpass 140,000 landowners, and during its development, we had a couple of key objectives that drove the introduction of Habytat. First, we observed that the Metaverse often learned toward a cartoony aesthetic. We aimed for a world reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, where users could immerse themselves more realistically. Secondly, accessibility was important. We created a mobile version of the Metaverse, which is already available for download on both iOS and Android.

Darin Myman, HabyTat
Darin Myman, CEO of Habytat

In the coming months, we plan to introduce VR capabilities. People can easily enter and engage with the Metaverse on their preferred devices. Now, the reason we introduced HabyPets is because we recognized the need for daily engagement. People have a deep affection for their pets, so we decided to create AI dogs that closely resemble real dogs. When you adopt a puppy, it is your responsibility to nurture it, play with it, and watch it grow while it learns from you. Our AI technology fosters a strong emotional bond between you and your virtual puppy, from puppyhood to adulthood.

In addition, we are developing dog parks where you can interact with other dog owners, and the dogs themselves will have the opportunity to learn from one another. This AI model, which emphasizes the connection between users and their virtual pets, will serve as a foundation not only for our dog-related experiences but also for the AI-driven interactions that players will have in our broader metaverse within Habytat. 

True Hollywood Talk: Could you delve into the technical aspects of how AI and machine learning facilitate the growth and development of these virtual pets? 

Darin: From a broader perspective, it’s important to recognize the unique individuality of puppies, dogs, and people. We leverage a substantial language model and other proprietary technologies to establish distinct personalities for each pet as they grow. While initially, everyone begins with a similar puppy, this virtual companion learns from its owner. When it enters the dog park, it observes how others interact with their dogs. Starting with four breeds such as German Shepherds and Schnauzers, we plan to expand our offerings over the next few months, including breeds like Pugs, Saint Bernards, and Huskies. This variety allows users to form genuine connections with their chosen breed.

Available dog breeds to adopt in the Habytat

While AI is commonly used in many applications, our approach focuses on emotional AI. This is integral to the model we’ve constructed, which aims to replicate the unique bonds people share with their dogs. It’s all about individuality, like how my dog insists on lying on his back, exposing his belly, and reacting with enthusiasm when it’s rubbed. This individuality is what we’re fostering with our AI models for pets, creating that deep emotional connection. Ultimately, this emotional AI not only introduces people to the Metaverse but also emphasizes its significance. As we roll out more Metaverse utilities later this year, it will become increasingly clear why individuals should immerse themselves in this dynamic digital world. 

Interactive Engagement & Caring for Virtual Companions 

True Hollywood Talk: The way AI HabyPets are trained and develop behaviors seems reminiscent of real-life pet training. Could you elaborate on how the process of training and nurturing these virtual companions parallels the experiences people have with their beloved pets in the physical world? 

Darin: In the first 30 days of having your puppy, things can be quite chaotic as they all exhibit similar behaviors. However, after that time period, the real training and interaction phase begins. This process closely mirrors real-life pet ownership. Initially, you start with simple tricks like “give me a paw”, which is rewarded with a treat, “lay down”, “sit”, and “stay”. As you continue to play and engage with them, the tricks become more intricate. This traditional approach to behavioral response is the foundation of the bond we aim to create between you and your virtual companion. Not all interactions will be the same. Some pets will opt for simple hand gestures, while others might prefer the flair of a high five or even a playful display like my dog, who waves their paws in the air like they just don’t care! 

True Hollywood Talk: The evolving behaviors of AI HabyPets sound captivating! Could you elaborate on how the expanding AI database contributes to the dynamic nature of these virtual pet experiences, and how this ongoing development keeps the interactions with these companions fresh and and engaging for users within the evolving Habytat metaverse? 

Darin: Starting with the pets, we’ve had over 15,000 adoptions so far, and this extensive user interaction provides valuable insights. We learn not only from the owners’ interactions with their pets but also from their preferences, like feeding schedules. This learning process extends to our Metaverse’s other key component, the MPCs. These digital entities will be responsible for running stores and handling customer interactions without the need for a human clerk. Our aim is to build an emotional model that applies to both pets and MPCs, enhancing their interactions with various types of customers, especially those it recognizes.

It’s important to note that privacy is a fundamental aspect of this model. We don’t share your data with anyone; this model learns autonomously how to interact with you. Whether you’re shopping, playing with your pet, or learning your preferences, such as your favorite colors, it’s all about creating a personalized Metaverse experience that respects your privacy. Our perspective of the Metaverse differs from the conventional view as more than just a game or meeting place; it’s the future of social media. In our Metaverse, you retain ownership and control of your data. Even as we introduce new features in the next phase of the Habytat, like the option to log in anonymously, we won’t retain extensive histories of your activities. For instance, if you decorate your virtual home and later decide to change it, we won’t have a record of your

previous design. This Metaverse is about connection and individuality, where you can interact with others and construct your unique digital world. 

Metaverse Accessibility & Adoption 

True Hollywood Talk: The rapid growth of the Habytat metaverse is impressive! Could you share some insights into the current numbers, such as the total number of users and the daily rates of new additions, and how this growth reflects the increasing interest and adoption of AI HabyPets and the overall Habytat experience? 

Darin: Since the introduction of Habytat, we’ve been experiencing substantial daily growth, ranging from 1,200 to nearly 3,000 new users depending on the day of the week. Our journey spans approximately two and a half months, during which we have actively reached out to people. We’re on the verge of crossing the milestone of 100,000 landowners in our Metaverse. Every new participant, whether they’re joining for the pets or simply entering the Metaverse, received an NFT-dated property, serving as the main point for their new social media experience. This property is where users start their journey with their virtual pets and collect bonuses, and here’s the best part – it’s entirely free! We don’t charge anyone for this experience; our goal is to encourage participation and growth.

We employ a traditional advertising model, and the response has been very positive. The United States is our primary user base, but we’ve gained traction in countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Canada, with a growing global presence. With the addition of pets, the Metaverse is evolving beyond the initial phase where interactions primarily involve conversations. Right now, users frequently pop in, often striking a superhero pose upon arrival. The next phase will introduce numerous social aspects, fostering friendships and enhancing communication. While we already have chat features, we’re developing advanced chat options to enable deeper social connections. One exciting feature is the dog park, where AI-driven virtual dogs will exhibit various behaviors. Some will behave just like real dogs, sniffing and interacting while others may remain aloof and bark. It’s all designed to mimic the dynamics of the real world, offering an immersive and authentic experience. 

True Hollywood Talk: How do these virtual companions play a role in making the Habytat metaverse more accessible and engaging for a wider audience, and how do they enhance the overall appeal of the metaverse experience? 

Darin: I believe that, especially in North America, people have a deep relationship with dogs and cats, creating a unique connection. So, you might wonder, why should you venture into the Metaverse? Well, it’s all about building that connection, and with our virtual pets, you get to experience the joys of pet ownership. It’s a bit more manageable than real-life pet care, but it’s there, and it fosters a genuine emotional bond. As we continue to expand our offerings, including the music district and a family museum where you can create your legacy through the ages, we’ll have a large and engaged user base. They visit daily, always on the lookout for new experiences. For instance, you can currently explore Geniuz City, featuring graffiti and various artist galleries, an offering that grows by the day. 

True Hollywood Talk: Overall, how do these AI-driven enhancements contribute to fostering greater adoption of metaverse technology, and how do they serve as a bridge between traditional user experiences and the evolving possibilities within the Habytat metaverse?

Darin: The traditional experience is similar to a game where you interact with a static dog. It doesn’t learn or evolve. In contrast, what we’re creating is a living, breathing dog within the Metaverse. It learns from your interactions and genuinely becomes yours. As we expand beyond pets, it fosters a deep connection, making the Metaverse a place you want to be. It offers a unique kind of fun that differs from what traditional gamers have been accustomed to. 

True Hollywood Talk: Do you want to share any final thoughts on how the introduction of these virtual companions signifies a meaningful advancement in unlocking the potential of the metaverse, and what this innovation could mean for future interactions and experiences within the Habytat metaverse? 

Darin: I believe that the Metaverse has been in need of a catalyst for significant growth and widespread adoption, and we believe that HabyPets could be that catalyst. We envision this user base growing into the millions and even tens of millions in the near future. It has the potential to make the Metaverse a meaningful and important part of people’s lives. When you talk to most people about the Metaverse, they often react with disinterest, perceiving it solely as a gaming platform. I believe this perception is shifting due to innovations like HabyPets, opening up the Metaverse to individuals who may have never considered exploring it before. 

With Habytat’s remarkable growth, it’s clear that these virtual pets have become a catalyst for Metaverse adoption. AI technology’s ability to create evolving Metaverse companions is astounding. This innovation not only makes the Metaverse accessible but also reshapes how users perceive it, from a small gaming platform to a vibrant social space. As Habytat continues to expand, AI HabyPets represents a transformative force and will continue to redefine digital interaction and individuality on a global scale.