America’s Got Talent pay’s tribute to the great talent Brandon Rogers


As the camera came down on crowd full of contestants, waiting to audition for America’s Got Talent, the focus came to a young man talking to his mother on his cell phone.  He told her he was nervous and his mother told him,  “You’re gonna do a wonderful wonderful job”.

While he was being interviewed we found out he was from Fort Smith, Virginia and that he was doctor who specialized in family medicine.  Brandon said his inspiration for becoming a doctor came from an experience where he came home from school one day, and found his mom in a pool of blood.  His mother was rushed to the hospital.  He said he thought the doctors that saved her life were heroes.  It made him want be the doctor that he was today.

The one thing that was immediately noticeable is that he looked quite young to be a doctor and at 29 years old, it was obvious that he was good at what he did.  Brandon said there could be tough days in medicine, and one way to cope with stress was music. He said he couldn’t believe he was about to sing in front of all of America..

As the first note came from his mouth it was immediately obvious that he was one of the most talented singers to ever grace the stages of America’s Got Talent, if not one of the best in the world.  He sang flawlessly.  The audience gave him a stand ovation and all 4 judges praised and gave the thumbs up.  Simon said, “You are one of the best singers we’ve ever had in the competition”.

On June 11 Brandon was involved in a car accident in Maryland and passed away one day later.  America’s Got Talent broadcast his audition at the request of the family so we could experience this amazing talent.


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