Andrew Gray inspires us all to seek gratitude and look at life’s blessings

Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray. Photo Credit: Rie Nalani

Actor Andrew Gray (” Power Rangers Megaforce” fame) reminds us what some of the most important things in life are. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

In a social media post, the “Red Ranger” alum wanted to remind his fans and followers how blessed they are. “Another day above ground, what a blessing,” he said. “Another sunset, what a blessing. Air in these healthy lungs, what a blessings. I am wearing mismatched socks, so if you wearing those, you are blessed as well.”

“If you have grandparents that are still alive, that’s a major blessing,” he said. “If you have parents, any kind of parents, still alive, that’s a blessing. If you have at least one other person to bounce ideas with, that’s a blessing.”

“It’s not the material things in this material world that is going to make you happy,” he acknowledged. “I do hope and pray that you get all those things and realize that. If you are buying things to attract things to you, to be fun or cool, or to trend, then you are already doomed.”

“You need to be authentic, and you need to remind yourself through gratitude how blessed you are,” he said. “You are so blessed, you are blessed beyond measure.”

“I hope you can share this with a few people that need a reminder… Sometimes, I even need a reminder, so maybe I will come back and look at this. Share this with as many people as possible to let them know how blessed they are, and how blessed you are to have them in your lives.”

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