Colton Tran teams up with Legacy Youth Leadership, to help the rainforest

Colton Tran
Colton Tran. Photo Credit: Brad Everett Young

Actor and director Colton Tran has teamed up with Legacy Youth Leadership, in an effort to help the rainforest. #Powerjournalist has the scoop.

“This is really exciting and really important,” Tran said. “All we have to do is pledge to help this and it will donate a dollar for each of the pledges to help the rainforest. You pick one of three pledges and this is what they are: the first one is giving up meat. I know a lot of you are vegetarian or vegan so that might not be an issue. The others are: decrease your car travel or limit your water and electricity usage.”

Tran chose to not eat meat for his pledge. “Each dollar helps and it’s going to be amazing because it goes to the rainforest,” he said.

To learn more about this Legacy Youth Leadership initiative, or to make pledge, click here.

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