‘Common Ground’ wins ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the EMA Awards

Ian Somerhalder, Rebecca Tickell, Nikki Reed, and Josh Tickell
Ian Somerhalder, Rebecca Tickell, Nikki Reed, and Josh Tickell. Photo Credit: Chelsea Lauren, Shutterstock for Common Ground

The filmmakers and producers of “Common Ground” have a major reason to be proud. It was named “Best Documentary Feature” at the Environmental Media Association (EMA) Awards. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

“Common Ground” was directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell.

“We want to share with you the INCREDIBLE moment we WON “Best Documentary Feature” at the @green4ema awards last night,” they posted on social media.

“We have so many people to thank on this journey, including all of you, who have played such a crucial role in getting #CommonGroundMovie seen and sharing it with family and friends! Your participation in this movement is what will help make this change happen, so this award is not just ours, but yours,” they elaborated.

“Stay tuned while we share more about this night and all of the amazing movements to come in Common Grounds journey! We are just beginning. For now we celebrate ‘Best Documentary Feature’ 👏🏼 and keep pushing this #regenerativeagriculture movement forward!” they exclaimed.

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