Meet Davey Hughes: Veteran performer of ‘Magic Men Australia’

Davey Hughes
Davey Hughes. Photo Courtesy of Davey Hughes

Davey Hughes, veteran performer of “Magic Men Australia,” chatted about with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

Greek business magnate Aristotle Onassis once said: “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” An individual who has been bringing light, positivity, and levity for over 20 years is veteran entertainer Davey Hughes.

Being a part of ‘Magic Men Australia’

“Overall, Magic Men Australia is the best job that I have ever been a part of,” Hughes said. “The culture is so good, and everyone gets along. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I was in Las Vegas for 10 years, but nothing compares to this. The culture that Carlos Fung, Will Parfitt, and Ceaser Smith have created is really good. You just want to work and do every show.”

“I work really closely with Ceaser Smith,” he admitted. “Ceaser and I do a lot of the organization stuff together,” he admitted. “Ceaser and I are still very popular at the shows. It has been great. The whole Magic Men experience has made me more passionate, and it makes me want to do good,” he expressed.

Hughes, who resides in Sydney, is excited for the Magic Men Australia male revue getting to tour Canada and the USA later this year. “At the moment, I am just focusing on the hosting and emceeing aspect of Magic Men Australia,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this franchise. The guys are absolutely awesome.”

Hughes had some really positive words for his “stage son” fellow performer Beau Privato. “There is a lot going on for Beau,” he foreshadowed. “Beau is so great! He is young and he is just getting his foot in the door. Beau has a bright future ahead of him. I think he is going to be on the USA tour, which he is excited about.”

Daily motivations

On his daily motivations, Hughes said, “To be honest, I’ve been more motivated in the last two years since I’ve joined Magic Men than I’ve ever been. They’ve created this really good culture, and everyone gets involved. The shows are so much more fun for the performer and for the ladies that come to the show. People have been loving Magic Men more than ever, especially on these Australian and New Zealand tours.”

“I did my first show in 1999,” he said with a sweet laugh. “I was really young back then, but now, male revues are even more popular. To bring quality performers such as Will Parfitt, Beau Privato, and Ceaser Smith to all these towns around Australia is amazing. The girls are so happy and grateful.”

Career-defining moment

Hughes describes his experience in Las Vegas as a defining moment. “That was a good experience,” he recalled. “I would love to do that with these guys. I think the last two years have been the best times of my career.”

“Looking back at the last five years, I see a lot of learning,” he said. “During the last two years, I see good times and great memories,” he said, implying his time with Magic Men Australia. “The guys have become like family members to me. We all get along really well, ironically enough.”

The digital age

“It’s good to be a part of Will Parfitt’s big ride,” Hughes said. “Will is so good at social media, and all those things. Will definitely works very hard; he is always promoting the live shows. With all my experience on tours, I just jump onto what they are doing. They are the experts at that.”

“Look at Will now, he has gone all over the world. I am so happy for him because Will is such a nice guy. You’ve never met a nicer guy than Will Parfitt. He is so down-to-earth, which I think is amazing,” he acknowledged.

Future plans

Regarding his future plans, Hughes said, “I want to keep expanding, I want to help Ceaser, Carlos, and the team. My plans revolve around Magic Men at the moment, and it is very cool to be a part of this huge franchise. Every show is sold-out, and it is just great. They are performing in bigger and better venues, and now they are touring the globe.

Advice for young and aspiring performers

For young and aspiring entertainers, Hughes encouraged them to “stay humble” and “to enjoy every minute of it.”

Superpower of choice

If he were to have any superpower, Hughes would “go back in time” in order to “change things and make them perfect.”


On his definition of the word success, Hughes said, “Success means to be 100 percent happy with yourself inside and out. “It is good to be happy,” he admitted. “Peace of mind is when I know I’ve put 100 percent in. To be happy and know that you’ve given it everything you’ve got in your field.”


“Thank you to the fans,” he told the Magic Men Australia fans. “We do have some great fans and their support is wonderful. I always try to message everybody back. I am flattered by it all; it is good.”

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