Dr. Jonathan Lundgren talks about the ‘Common Ground’ documentary

Jonathan Lundgren
Dr. Jonathan Lundgren. Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Lundgren

Dr. Jonathan Lundgren chatted with Markos Papadatos about being a part of the new documentary “Common Ground,” which was directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell.

Lundgren is an agroecologist, Director of the ECDYSIS Foundation, and CEO for Blue Dasher Farm. He received his PhD in Entomology from the University of Illinois in 2004, and was a top scientist with USDA-ARS for 11 years.

His research and education programs focus on assessing the ecological risk of pest management strategies and developing long-term solutions for regenerative food systems. He is also an entomologist, farmer, and beekeeper.

He was just featured in “Common Ground,” which had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. This film deals with the solution of Regenerative farmers to bring soil health across the continent and beyond.

On the message that he wants people to get out of this film, Dr. Lundgren said, “The next generation is coming on and they are not taking this lying down. There is a lot of hope right now. We know what the answer is and it’s happening right now and that’s a really important part of this whole thing. We need to have hope, we know what the answers are.”

“We can put all the data behind it in the world, it’s going to take relationships and trust in order to make that science and all of the political efforts, and those networks are happening, so you are seeing that right now with all of the farmers and the good graces,” he added.