Intelligent Elixirs: The Skincare Line That Promotes A Healthy Wash

Intelligent Elixirs
Photo Courtesy of Intelligent Elixirs

As Spring is quickly approaching us, it may be time to switch up your daily skincare routine due to the changing of the climate and potential seasonal allergies. Luckily, Intelligent Elixirs is here to help moisturize and nurture your skin in order to positively transition your wellbeing into the hotter temperatures. 

Intelligent Elixirs is the best skincare brand you can possibly find, as they produce clean, clinically driven, cruelty-free formulas. And the best part about it is that it is a women-owned brand! Founded by Cat Tatman and Mary Butler, the skincare line features extensive product development and research in both the spa and physician markets. They were both inspired to create a line of clean products that are refined, non-toxic, and affordable for the everyday consumer while also performing on par with the best professional products.

Product Review

Combined with its unique formulation, Intelligent Elixirs provides customers with a unique combination of ingredients that are effective and potent in maintaining healthy, youthful skin, as well as managing and suppressing the signs of aging. One of the most highlighted products they currently produce is their Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser – a gentle cleanser formulated with botanical extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants to protect and moisturize the skin. This is one of our personal favorites from them, as they left our skin feeling refreshed and silky as ever. The formula also smells extremely pleasant and it brings your skin’s softness to a whole other level. It only requires that you apply the treatment to the dry and damp parts of your skin and then rinse it off with warm water.

Behind The Business

Besides testing out the cream cleanser in person, we also had a chance to sit down and talk with Cat and Mary about the many different aspects that make Intelligent Elixirs what it is today. From branding and connectivity to production and supply, they make it all work in the most efficient way possible! 

THT: Intelligent Elixirs contain some high-quality ingredients and effects while keeping the price at a minimum. How does the company make it possible? 

“After years of being in the industry, we know firsthand that a premium price point does not mean better. We have made a conscious decision to offer a price that is more affordable but without compromising results.”

THT: How would you describe the impact Intelligent Elixirs has had on individuals struggling to keep their skin moisturized? 

“We offer products to help individuals both hydrate internally and moisturizer topically. If someone is struggling with dry skin, we recommend using a gentle hydrating cleanser like the Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser, because it will thoroughly cleanse but also leave skin soft. Our Vitamin B-5 Hydrating Serum is a wonderful oil-free hydrator to help skin maintain internal moisture, which ultimately helps with surface dryness and improves skin texture. And then finally, we have three options for topical moisturizers to supplement the natural oils on the surface of the skin to keep it soft. If someone has excessively dry skin, they should consider the Citrus Facial Scrub to help remove dead skin cells and debris from the surface of the skin.” 

THT: What role does branding play in your day-to-day operations? How do y’all develop Intelligent Elixirs’ commercial branding?

“As a brand, we wanted to create products that were clean, clinically driven, and cruelty-free. We feel our packaging looks fresh, clean, and clinical. We are also PETA-certified, and with respect to our day-to-day activities, whenever we are developing new products, we maintain these ingredient standards.” 

THT: What were some of the challenges you came across with initial branding and implementing Intelligent Elixirs? How did y’all overcome it? 

“When creating the line and initial branding, it wasn’t a challenge as much as finding the look and feel that we felt captured the essence of the brand. This kind of process is simply time and perseverance.” 

THT: What is the most valuable lesson y’all have learned when selling skincare products? 

“We feel there is often a misconception about skincare being all about vanity. People often look to skincare because they have a problematic skin condition that makes them feel self-conscious about their appearance. The use of therapeutic products can help address their concerns and feel better about their day-to-day appearance.”

To learn more about their products and mission, visit their website here.  


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