Interview: Matt Fraser talks about his book and tour dates

Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser. Photo Courtesy of Matt Fraser

Top American psychic medium Matt Fraser chatted about his book “We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife,” which will be available in paperback on August 8, via Simon & Schuster.

“I am so excited about it,” he exclaimed. “When my last book came out, I got a call from the New York Times telling me that I made the bestsellers list, and I couldn’t believe it! This book is really about the questions one would ask a psychic medium such as what happens when you die? I try to answer questions that most mediums won’t talk about, and it’s definitely interesting.”

“The more that we learn about the spirit world, the more that we feel closer to them and that we can connect with them and speak to them, and that way, it doesn’t seem so final. There is a continuation and living life as a spirit,” he added.

He acknowledged that the tour has been “great.” “We have been working on it,” he said. “People are less afraid to go now and you can see that. I like seeing people going out, having a good time and having fun. I finally feel like we are back where normal should be,” he explained.

Fraser spoke about falling on stage during an intense psychic reading. “I was so scared because I was more afraid when I heard the audience’s reaction,” he said. “It was a really big arena. I didn’t realize that there was a speaker behind me so when I went to step back I basically fell backwards. It happened so quick, it was a fall but luckily, I didn’t hurt myself.”

While he has yet to be in Greece, he hopes to go visit his wife’s motherland. “I love the Greek food, customs and traditions. The tiropita and the spanakopita are my favorite,” he said. “I love all of the traditions that people of Greek nationality have. We love avglomeno soup, koulourakis, and the koufeta almonds for weddings. I feel like the Greeks have a dish or a tradition for every celebration.”

He shared that his baby, Royce, is doing well. “The baby is doing good, and he is so cute. This is the perfect age. I wish we could freeze time and keep me this age, it’s the best, and I really enjoy being with him,” he said.

He shared that he likes the new streaming platform Threads because it’s the “new Twitter.”

His book “We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores.

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