Interview: Tony Moore talks about his new short film ‘Kevin’

Tony Moore in 'Kevin'
Tony Moore in 'Kevin.' Photo Courtesy of Kevin

Actor and filmmaker Tony Moore (Dishin’ Days) chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his new short film “Kevin,” which he wrote, directed and stars in.

The synopsis is: A chance encounter with a stranger, Alex (Rique) at a record store leads Kevin (Tony Moore) on an over-thinker’s journey to discover what this new relationship is.

On the idea for this short, he responded, “I had the idea for ‘Kevin’ over 11 years ago while watching the movie ‘The Artist’…. I thought what if there was a gay love story told as a silent film with only sound and music so that lead me to experiment with that concept.”

He acknowledged that the lead character, Kevin, is basically him. “It felt so good to play the lead but also portray someone that is relatable,” he said. 

“My co-star’s name is Rique and I want to say that he is such an amazing actor and a great person overall,” Moore said.” When he submitted his audition I knew that he was Alex.  He understood how to tell a story just with a look which can be hard to do.  He was great to work with and I can’t thank him enough for bringing Alex to life.”

On his inspirations as an actor and filmmaker, Moore said, “Characters that you can relate to. That you can see your journey through their journey and learn from it. You can go through there situations rooting for them.”

In addition, there will be a screening at Outfest Fusion in LA on March 26, and Wicked Queer Fest in Boston on April 1. Both festivals will offer virtual screenings as well.

He shared his favorite part of the filmmaking process, and the most challenging one. “The best part is seeing your vision come to life. This film lived in my head for over a decade and to see it on screen is the most rewarding feeling,” he said.

“The challenge of course is getting everything you need in order to make it happen. Getting a budget, locations, actors, and crew. It’s important to have people apart of your project that not only believes in you but the story as well. I am so grateful for everyone who became apart of this….they really loved the story and supported me and my vision,” he added.

On his future plans, he said, “The Festival Run for ‘Kevin’ will end soon but I would love to work on creating a TV series based on the character and his friends. This POV of a gay character is one that is rarely seen and its important to start showing and telling these stories.” 

He opened up about being an actor and filmmaker in the digital age. “It’s great because we have a platform to create our own stuff. You no longer have to wait for the approval of a network. If you have an idea you can create it and have a digital space for people to see it,” he said.

On his use of technology in his daily routine as an actor and filmmaker, he said, “There is never a time when I’m not using technology, I’m using it right now Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok to connect with people or share a laugh. Going live on Instagram to chat and connect with followers. Streamyard to stream my podcast Dishin’ Days, my weekly recap of ‘Days of Our Lives.’ Then, of course, phones, TVs. stereo, I mean technology is constantly in use from the time I wake up until I sleep.

He concluded about the short, “Sometimes we get in the way of our own thoughts….what we think isn’t always reality. If you watch ‘Kevin’ let me know your thoughts….always interested in everyone’s interpretations of what they see.”

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