Reality TV star Josh Seiter makes a splash headlining ‘America’s Loverboys’ tour

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter. Photo Credit: Juan Anthony

Reality TV star Josh Seiter chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about making a splash headlining a male revue. He also shared his real thoughts of Channing Tatum’s latest “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” movie.

After spending years at the top of the digital content creators world, Seiter is throwing his hat back into dance and performing industry. He is touring with “America’s Loverboys,” a popular Chicago revue. They tour Chicago, Iowa, Wisconsin, Alaska, Minnesota, and Michigan. He does two to three shows a week. This is a five-man “Magic Mike” style of show.

Seiter retired from male revues six years ago, so it “feels amazing” for him to get back onstage after such a long time away, especially since all of their shows this year have been sold out. He didn’t realize until he stepped back onstage how much he missed the crowds and the chaos and the dancing. “Most of all, I missed the camaraderie with the other guys in the group. It’s almost like being back in your college dorm after having to live in the real world for a decade. No more work, all play,” Seiter said.

He has remained one of the biggest names in the reality TV world due to a string of high profile relationships. Particularly impressive is the fact that he hasn’t been on a reality TV show in eight years. He is a firm believer that his social media following is responsible for keeping him in the media constantly despite not being on television for that long. Unlike other reality stars, his brand is all about his dancing, his relationships, and his mental health work.

His popularity is not contingent on a TV show or some random network that has a new season every six months. He is fortunate to have experienced a greater level of success than most people in the industry. “The fact that I’m in every gossip outlet weekly and headlining sold out shows across the country, eight years after appearing on television is a testament to that,” he said.

Seiter shared that he loves performing with “America’s Loverboys,” and described it as a “first-class act.” “It’s such a great group of talented guys. We have five main acts, and an opener and closer. All top notch. All of the guys are very humble, and an absolute joy to work with. Mike and Maverick and I go way back, so it’s a lot of fun to be back on the road with them. Honestly, some of the most fun I have touring is simply goofing around with the guys and work crew at our hotels and in our dressing room before shows. Like they say, it’s not work if you love what you do. That definitely applies to this,” he elaborated.

His plans are to stay busy and active, while being out on the road. He will continue touring the country, and they will also embark on an Alaskan tour. “The Alaskan tour will be a blast. All of our shows have been sold out, so it’s a lot of ticket sales, a lot of women, and a lot of revenue. I have no desire to do anything other than this for the near future,” Seiter said.

He also shared what he really thought of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” starring Channing Tatum, which was the third and final movie of the “Magic Mike” film trilogy. “I saw the last ‘Magic Mike’ movie and thought it was terrible. I was a fan of the first movie in 2012 which I actually saw the same week I auditioned to be a dancer. The first movie was a really accurate depiction of what it’s like being an exotic dancer. If you want to know what a show is really like, and what it’s like to be a dancer, watch that first movie. Unfortunately the movies just went downhill from there,” he said.

Seiter concluded, “Tickets for our ‘America’s Loverboys’ tour can be purchased on Eventbrite. As I said before, our shows are almost always sold out so ladies need to get their tickets fast. Check local venues to see when we may be coming to a town near you.”

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