Johnny Wactor of ‘General Hospital’ fame shares a message with his fans

Johnny Wactor
Johnny Wactor. Photo Courtesy of Paul Smith

Actor Johnny Wactor of “General Hospital” shared a message with his fans. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Wactor shared these insights and updates with his dedicated fans via his brand new newsletter from Johnny Wactor World, which is the No. 1 fan source for all things pertaining to Wactor..

In this newsletter, Wactor remarked, “As some of you may be aware, there is a writer’s strike ongoing in the TV & Film industry which is not only affecting television shows currently on air, but also sidelining potential productions to purgatory until the WGA (Writers Guild of America) and the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers) agree on new contract negotiations. You may begin to notice more re-runs of some of your favorite shows soon including General Hospital. Or perhaps the writing seems… different. That is likely because the original writers are on strike. What’s more is that the union actors of SAG AFTRA may also be going on strike in the coming weeks if their contract addendums are not met. This means, you may have a lot of your artists holding out of work in order for just compensation. With the explosion of streaming television and movies, the current contracts in place do not honor the indispensable efforts and contributions of the artists while the producers stand to rake in unprecedented revenue with way less employee compensation to render. These strike(s) could last several months into next year if not resolved meaning much less new and quality content.”

The actor continued, “As not only an actor myself, but also a producer I stand by the strike of the writers and the potential strike of the actors. I’ve always believed in fair compensation for value brought to productions and even as a producer on my first project American Sognare (updates on this in a moment) I support this and will continue to support artists’ right to fair compensation. Television, movies, and theater are hugely collaborative productions. It’s why at the end of a film or the opening of a show there are seemingly endless credits.”

“It takes a lot of people to make these productions and I believe that the contributors should be fairly compensated — not to say that contributors should be paid equally to producers as they assume more risk than the others — but indeed fairly,” he said.

Wactor continued, “Now in the meantime, our team at Hills & Thrills Productions have been editing our independent feature film debut, American Sognare. Some of you have already so generously donated to our film and cause (THANK YOU!), so I figure what a great opportunity to update you on its status. And some of you may be asking, what the hell is American Sognare? Well, in short, it is a film written and directed by my dear and talented friend Luca Perito based on true events. The basic premise is about a son who returns home for his mother’s funeral after she makes everyone in the family promise not to tell him about her illness. There is sadness. There is hilarity. There is chaos. There is peace. We want people to watch this film and feel like they’re a fly on the wall to family’s most intimate experiences.”

“Our editor has just finished the third cut of the film and I must share how proud I am of what we have at this stage. The story and characters are compelling. I cannot wait for you all to see. When can you see it? Currently, we are on pace to debut in the film festival circuit in 2024. I will continue to update everyone and be sure to let you know of cities where it will be premiering in. Two cities that I can assure you will be hosting a premiere are New York City and Charleston, South Carolina. I will keep everyone abreast on attendance details as the time nears and will look forward to watching the film with you all! And for those who don’t know, our company is donating 51% of the film’s proceeds after market to cancer research and charities! So our team and all of its donors are truly doing a wonderful service to people affected by the same illness covered in our film. Thank you to those that are already a part of it,” he said.

Some of the other actors in our film you may recognize are Emily Alabi (Magnum P.I., Joe Pickett, The Rookie), Jeremy Luke (The Irishman, Sully, Jersey Boys, Don Jon, This Is Us, Mob City), Micah Joe Parker (Vampire Diaries, Doom Patrol, Mob City, Into the Dark) and Katie Keene (Rogue Warfare trilogy, Bring Him Back Dead, Sandbar) and Rebecca Radissic (Maquette, The Gilded Age).

“Annnnd one more little nugget: I am working on a secret mini-project in efforts to be attached to a MAJOR studio film. I cannot divulge more details at this moment as secrecy is priority at this time in order to get a head start on the competition, BUT I will reveal more details in our next newsletter and perhaps some exclusive footage we capture 🙂 Stay tuned!” he exclaimed.

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