Josh Seiter, ‘The Bachelorette’ alum, stands up against hate


Josh Seiter, “The Bachelorette” alum, stands up against hate, in his latest interview with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos.

“Hate has no place in my life in 2023, and it shouldn’t take up residence in anyone else’s life either,” he said. “Part of the American dream is being free to be who we are and to pursue what we want, and hate is in diametric opposition to those principals. When we stand up to hate, we not only shame it’s authors, but we also stand up for our country. I think shaming hate and all forms of bigotry is so important these days to ensure our basic freedoms to live happy lives remains intact. It also sets an example for others who may be dealing with similar hate/oppression. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think standing up to hate is necessary only because it’s the right thing to do; it’s our patriotic duty.” 

In his personal life, he revealed that he is now happily married. “It’s great to be married,” he acknowledged. “We are in an open, non-monogamous relationship, so nothing has really changed in our lives as it does with a lot of other married couples. We are still living life to the fullest and enjoying our (relative) youth. Currently we each have our own homes and commute frequently for work. I think marriage is a partnership, and should be about building each other up. If you aren’t your partner’s biggest cheerleader, then what’s the point of being married? So I’m very grateful for my partners support. We each make each other just a little bit better.” 

“Our marriage took place at home with an ordained minister from Universal Life Church. It was a simple event, since we will be saving the pomp and circumstance for the Fall, where we will be inviting close friends and family members to attend a large outdoor ceremony at a social venue in my hometown,” he added. 

Seiter also opened up about the significance of Pride month. “It is so important to me because it not only inspires me as an individual who identifies as bisexual, but I’m also an individual living with depression and anxiety. Our sexuality and mental health is linked heavily to shame, and so many of us suffer in silence. The very definition of pride is the opposite of shame, and that is a beautiful thing,” he explained.

“Whereas shame is so often about being invisible and embarrassed, pride is about living fearlessly and shamelessly out loud. I think a lot of people struggle with understanding pride because they don’t first take the time to understand the shame and silence that inheres with sexuality and mental health. Once we better understand the latter, we can truly appreciate the former,” he said.

“To anyone struggling with their sexuality or their mental health, reach out for help,” he suggested. “Whether this is a close friend or family member, or a medical professional, there is help out there. You don’t have to live in silence. You don’t have to live in shame. You can start living with pride. Reach out.” 

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