Jump Right Into The World Of Claptone

Photo Credit: Fabian Leitner

Get ready to be transported into a transcendental world with none other than the mystifying house producer, Claptone!

It’s no secret that Claptone is one of the most influential and powerful producers of house music today. Even though he hides his real identity from the public, he has built an impressive reputation through performances at a variety of iconic venues around the world as well as a number of top-charting recordings. Some of his most notable discographies include Charmer, which was released back in 2015, and his most recent work Closer, which features collaborations with singer Mayer Hawthorne, Mansionair, and more!

The Claptone project is recognizable by a golden mask reminiscent of a plague doctor, which embraces his persona as an artist. We got to speak with Claptone personally about how he maintains his persona on and off the stage as well as what helps him navigate his music career! 

True Hollywood Talk: Why Claptone? What is the meaning behind your artist name? 

Claptone: “Just clap your hands and listen. That specific clap tone, that organic human element is something you’ll find in almost all my productions.”

THT: Our favorite track of yours personally is “Drop The Pressure”! Can you take us behind the track and production process of how it all came about? 

“I’ve always had a thing for vocoders and funk, so the inspiration to work on “Drop The Pressure” with Mylo was there for a long time. My version started off as a private bootleg I produced and tested in my sets. After successful testing, I knew this had to be out there.”

Listen to “Drop The Pressure” below:

THT: You also host a popular radio show Clapcast that we also listen to occasionally? Can you tell us about the process of hosting a radio show as an artist? Setlist-wise, how does it differ from an actual live set at a club or festival? 

“Well, the Clapcast is a passion project where I can showcase music that exceeds my DJ sets, meaning it can be more home listening friendly and at times deeper or more radical. In general, it’s a House music show, but I like to spice it up with surprises. Producing the show also helps me to stay on top of all the great music that’s out there.” 

Listen to Claptone’s Clapcast here.

Photo Credit: Fabian Leitner

THT: What is the most unique thing that you’ve seen another performer/artist do at a show or music festival that caught your eye?

“When I saw Bora Uzer live – I love that entertaining showman multi-instrumentalist approach. He’s singing, playing guitar and keys, runs Ableton and he even dances front stage at times. It’s a very fun show. I also love Erobique for the same reasons! He is a great musician who puts on an entertaining show. That is why I worked with him on a track for my most recent album Closer.”

Do you feel writing while on tour gives some sort of extra boost to those tracks?

“To be honest, when I’m on tour, I’m not writing that much. However, I do refine my DJ sets during that time though, producing edits and special mashups!”

There are many artists like you who do not reveal their true faces. With your bird persona, how do you mesh your sound and stage presence together and what might be some of the challenges that come along with it? 

“Well, there are a few challenges, you are right! But I grew into it. Video and photo guidelines that just don’t get followed are definitely the most common problem when it comes to camera angles. It’s very important you take pictures from the right angle to make the mask look as amazing as it does hence these guidelines exist.”

If you could pick three superheroes who have impacted your life, who would you choose and why?

“Batman, Birdman, and Rainman: the obvious hero, the fallen hero, the unexpected hero. In the end, superheroes are human projections, and as that they should have human traits, so I like myself a triage of heroes that cover all angles.”

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