Kah-Lo Releases Summer Anthem ‘Drag Me Out’


Kah-Lo, a Nigerian singer-songwriter got her start performing at local coffee shops and cafés early in her career. In 2016, Kah-Lo debuted her first single, ‘Rinse & Repeat,’ in collaboration with British DJ, Riton. In an interview with NME, Riton explains that, “she [Kah-Lo] got in touch with me on Twitter, sent me some demos, and I liked them.” 

‘Rinse & Repeat’ quickly became a fan favorite and was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 59th Grammy Awards. After the success of the Rinse & Repeat single, Kah-Lo and Riton continued to collaborate on projects and released an EP, ‘Foreign Ororo‘ with songs like ‘Fasta’ and ‘Fake I.D.,’ which has surpassed 120 million combined streams.

‘Fake I.D.,’ became one of the first songs to gain traction/virality on TikTok; showcasing her beliefs to her community; that when you believe in yourself and your art, you truly can achieve anything you set to your mind to.

Further, in June of last year, Kah-Lo released the long-anticipated solo debut EP, “The Arrival,” giving fans five brand new electrifying dance tracks, including ‘Fire’ which peaked on the Billboard Dance charts at #27 for 11 weeks in a row. 


Nine short months later, Kah-Lo is back with your new summer anthem; her latest single ‘Drag Me Out.’ ‘Drag Me Out’ is for all the extroverts who like to stay out all night and let loose. Or a few introverts who wanna dance in their mirror at home. Either way, this bop is likely to have everyone moving in some way or another! 

In a recent Twitter Spaces interview with Kah-Lo, we asked what inspired her new single? Kah-Lo said that she was at a Hollywood party with a group of people who didn’t want to dance or have fun; rather just wanted to network then leave. She recounts feeling, “if you’re going to make me leave, then you’re going to have to drag me out.”

A hit was born.

You can hear reference to this in the lyrics, “Doesn’t anyone dance in this town no more? Why am I the only one on the dance floor? The DJs killing it, drinks is poured. I don’t like none of y’all hoes I’m bored.” And we can confirm Kah-Lo’s newest single is everything but boring. 

‘Drag Me Out’ is unlike anything we’ve heard before from the multi-faceted artist. This single is packed with an exhilarating beat and lyrics that bring out the bad bitch in all of us. Kah-Lo describes her new single as “a really fun party song” and a new universe she thinks everyone will enjoy. 

Kah-Lo’s latest single, ‘Drag Me Out’, is available now on all major streaming services.


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