Kristos Andrews reflects on his life and career, expresses gratitude

Kristos Andrews
Kristos Andrews. Photo Courtesy of NATAS, Daytime Emmys

Multi-Emmy award-winning actor and filmmaker Kristos Andrews (“The Bay”) expresses gratitude for his life and career. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

“Reflecting on all there is to be grateful for,” he posted on his Instagram page. “Absolutely for the accolades that put wind in the sails about the work, yet the most beautiful result I’ve experienced from this, is after being rather hard on myself for a while, the permission to step deeper into the beauty life as a whole. Achievements or not, it’s all already there.”

“Just going into a writing sesh here as thoughts surface,” he noted. “I’m a fan of the work I get to do, because I’m a fan of life itself. I’m a fan of people; they are my study. I’m a fan of how unique things can unfold and how one can withstand and still bring their best out to share. The beautiful people I’ve been fortunate enough to share some life with continue to inspire the best in myself,” he elaborated.

“The rollercoaster ride we continue to proceed on; how one can navigate, process, grow, and ultimately choose the element of love within it all, like a North Star, I am inspired by,” he acknowledged.

“The greatest gems in life already exist in the fabric of our heart; we’re here to be tough, while gentle, and within ourselves and others, to enrich that light within,” he concluded his eloquent post.

On May 4 and 5, Andrews will be a part of the Samantha’s Friends benefit fundraiser in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, which raises money for multiple charitable causes.

Most recently, as True Hollywood Talk reported, “The Bay” released a one-hour Valentine’s Day special episode. It is filmed at Associated Television Studios in Burbank, California, and produced by LANY Entertainment in association with She Mogul Media. 

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