New York country artist Lauren Davidson Lauren Davidson has released a slew of fan and critic-acclaimed singles during a turbulent year of country music. Her new single, ‘Thinking About You’, demonstrates her remarkable growth as a songwriting talent.

Bringing to country music a fresh blend of diverse soundscapes and a powerful vocal contribution, one of the latest releases from one of the hottest prospects to emerge in the industry, shows the performer’s unique vocal style and characteristic storytelling skills.

Lauren Davidson offers her own twist on the “heartbreak” storyline with “Thinking About You,” a sassy country tune that makes her own, quirky statements in an incredibly compelling production.

True Hollywood Talk sat down with Davidson ahead of her new music video’s premiere.

“‘Thinking About You’ isn’t about the heartbreak itself,” Davidson told True Hollywood Talk. “It’s about empowerment and taking your power back. For me, it was the breaking point of no longer wanting to think about this person, and the beginning of putting myself first.”

And how right Davidson is when it comes to guarding your emotions and taking care of one’s own mental health.

“This song reflects the things I’ve personally felt and experienced over the past year. ‘Thinking About You’ was that first step in moving on after a breakup.”

When it comes to Davidson’s powerful vocals, her ability to adapt to new soundscapes has allowed for the New York country artist to continue putting out music that counts. That listeners can really just feel.

“I’ve been a vocalist/singer my entire life and it’s how I drive my musicality,” she said. “I’ve been described as having a strong and powerful voice, but I also think I have little nuances and ways I used my voice to express my emotions that are unique to me. I just use my voice to tell my stories authentically. I’m not trying to be something or someone I’m not.”

Tomorrow, Lauren Davidson’s official music video for “Thinking About You” will premiere on her YouTube channel.

In the meantime, you can find exclusive photos below from the photo shoot:

Photo Courtesy of Sincerely Music Group / True Hollywood Talk
Photo Courtesy of Sincerely Music Group / True Hollywood Talk
Photo Courtesy of Sincerely Music Group / True Hollywood Talk


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