Meet Saurabh Abrol: The CEO of Le Malt Hospitality Group

Saurabh Abrol
Saurabh Abrol. Photo Courtesy of Saurabh Abrol.

Saurabh Abrol, the CEO and founder of Le Malt Hospitality Group, is the future of the hospitality industry. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Abrol reshaped and redefined the hospitality landscape, especially in luxury dining and from an entrepreneurship standpoint. He came from humble roots and ever since, he has taken the industry by storm, as he is living out his “American dream.”

For Abrol, hospitality is not a job, nor a career… it is a calling, and it comes from his family’s legacy.

Abrol was influenced by his father’s endeavors in the wholesale business. He went out to carve his niche, eventually founding Le Malt Hospitality Group in 2012. Ever since, the group has burgeoned into a multi-million-dollar empire, which resulted in such distinguished establishments as Le Malt Lounge, Meximodo, and Wine Chateau.

Particularly impressive about Abrol is his unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. From navigating staffing issues to mitigating fluctuating food costs, he has turned every challenge into an opportunity for growth and innovation. He is a firm believer that although success may take time, hard work starts now.

An integral aspect of Abrol’s success is his belief in the power of people. Whether it involves building robust team structures or fostering unparalleled customer experiences, he understands that people are the heartbeat of any business. This ethos has not only earned him accolades such as the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of The Year Award” and it has also established him as a true visionary leader in the hospitality industry.

Le Malt Hospitality Group is not just expanding; it is redefining luxury dining on a global scale. With recent inaugurations like the exclusive Le Malt Imperiale and the upcoming Meximodo location in Jersey City, the group continues to push the boundaries of excellence. Through a seamless blend of authenticity, luxury, and modern flair, Abrol and his team are crafting immersive cultural experiences that transcend mere dining and elevate them to unforgettable journeys.

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, Saurabh Abrol serves a pillar of inspiration, passion, perspicacity and dedication. With him, one thing is certain… the iconic Le Malt Hospitality Group deserves to stand the test of time.

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