The Eleven Principles of the Wild Manifesto

Rhonda Swan of Women gone wild
Photo credit: Rhonda Swan, with permission

The world is changing. And for the better. In the last decade, it has experienced a transformation of female empowerment and leadership. The old masculine paradigm no longer represents the narrative of society and governments rely on today. 

Today, women are taking their well-deserved place in society, especially in politics, economics, and business; fields that were notoriously dominated by the patriarchy. In the past, there was always an imbalance of power. Women’s empowerment is key to achieving gender equality and finally putting an end to the discrimination many women around the globe are still subjected to today.

Promoting women’s empowerment has become a huge global movement. The progress relies upon the tireless commitment, determination, and leadership of many women. These women are driven by more than just equal pay status or notable titles, although those things alone are worth fighting for. These women fight relentlessly for a better tomorrow; a tomorrow where women will have equal opportunities, choices, freedoms, and the right to live the lives they choose. 

In order to achieve a better tomorrow, choices and action need to be taken today. This year, from September 28 to October 1, 2021, the largest Women’s Empowerment Summit will be taking place: Women Gone Wild Summit, hosted by renowned bestselling author, CEO of Unstoppable Branding Agency, and international women’s transformation leader, Rhonda Swan. 

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Women Gone Wild Summit is the first platform in history to present a safe virtual space that not only celebrates women but empowers feminine energy. It embraces diversity, independence, leadership, and inner strength. It promotes women finding their own feminine power that innately resides within them. 

Women Gone Wild Summit will awaken women by encouraging them to break free from the old masculine beliefs. For so long, these beliefs have underrepresented, undermined, and stifled the Divine Feminine Energy. The Divine Feminine Energy is a universal frequency, present in every one of us, whether you’re a woman or a man. It is the key to our spiritual path. Unfortunately, women have fallen away from this divine energy by constantly competing in a masculine, corporate world and adopting the male archetype. 

The masculine belief is an age-old belief that strength stems from stereotypical masculine traits; that in order to succeed you must be callous, hard-hearted, and cruel. This is a misinterpretation of what true strength really means. Women who are now connecting with their Divine Feminine Energy understand that the old paradigm no longer stands. To be strong means to allow yourself to feel vulnerable, to be creative, kind, and compassionate. First within ourselves, then with other women. Navigating the world with this new understanding of what strength truly means will bring forward true empowerment and self-fulfillment. 

The main objective of the Women Gone Wild Summit is to connect women who are reconnecting with their Divine Female Energy and are on the path to true awakening. The WGW summit enables these like-minded, powerful women to join together and connect with one another while tapping into who they really are. 

Going Wild

Women gone wild summit
Photo credit: Rhonda Swan, with permission

On the eve of WGW Summit and inspired by the recently released of Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living, a bestselling book that presents an anthology of 24 women testimonials of how they freed themselves from the patriarchy mold we all live in, a Manifesto was born. The Wild Manifesto was compiled by twenty empowered, awakened,  fearless women and it contains eleven principles and an anonymous letter.

The Manifesto is inspired by free-spirited women; women who are connected with their intuition and stand for what they truly believe and who they truly are. 

The Manifesto motivates women with the Eleven Wild Principles. These eleven principles promote honest wealth, raise women’s intuition, provide the source of feminine leadership, and celebrate diversity. The Manifesto was born to propel women to pursue what they desire, to change positively, and bring their dreams to fruition. 

The new world paradigm of equality and empowerment needs wild women to rise up. It needs women who are going to be able to instill, respect, and breathe the new currency that we all know is feminine. 

“We can succeed by doing it our own way, the Wild Women way!” In order to succeed, women need to live with courage, have empathy towards other women, be creative, inspire leadership, and above all, express vulnerability. The power of vulnerability is the key to inner strength, self-respect, wealth, gratitude, confidence, kindness, assisting and nurturing others as it allows you to be receptive to others and truly connect. That’s what the WILD Manifesto stands for.

The W.I.L.D. lifestyle

Rhonda Swan of women gone wild
Photo credit: Rhonda Swan, with permission

Women Gone Wild Summit is a 4-day online summit that will empower women by inspiring and boosting their confidence in their personal lives as well as in the business world. It will have the participation of over forty speakers: women telling their powerful transformation stories and how their journey has led them to true success.

The Summit will be divided into 4-day discussion panels focusing on what WILD stands for. 

The W stands for Wealth, the topic that will be discussed by ten speakers on Day 1. They will be sharing the tools, practices, and rituals that have led them into their financial freedom. One of the speakers will be Leah Steele, spiritual business coach, and expert wealth strategist, also known as “The Wealth Witch” who gives us more insight on what to expect. “The first day of the WGE Summit is all about wealth. I’ll be talking about how important it is right now for women to focus on their wealth mindset and free themselves from financial slavery consciousness. Women have the ability to shift this trajectory of financial internment for future generations. We have an opportunity to teach our children about economic freedom and personal sovereignty.”

Photo credit: Leah Steele, with permission

 Leah Steele and the rest of the speaker will also dive into the connection between true wealth and connecting with your Divine Feminine. “With the repression of the divine feminine, women were not only stripped of their rightful place in the co-leadership of the collective they were also stripped of their ability to be wealthy in all areas of their life,” says Leah Steele. “There is a reckoning upon us and women are remembering and reclaiming their gifts.” 

I is for Intuition, which will be discussed on Day 2 among nine speakers. The discussion will delve into the speakers’ experiences with intuition. Intuition is one of the most important elements when it comes to taking back feminine power. It will no longer be ignored or dismissed. It will be manifested, celebrated, and embraced. 

Day 3 will focus on the L, Leadership, discussed by ten powerful leaders of the women’s transformation movement. The speakers will be sharing their methods, tips, and ideas on leadership. This will provide listeners will actionable tips and help them to tap into the leadership qualities that reside within them. 

The last day will focus on D, Diversity, where nine speakers will be discussing all aspects of diversity and its connection to female empowerment. They will talk about how diversity is to be celebrated, embraced, and honored as it is what makes each individual unique, special and irreplaceable. 

Over the four days, the Wild Manifesto will serve as a trigger to wake the attendees, to invite them to go W.I.L.D. Leah Steele reminds us that women are no longer are willing to be repressed and that includes in their divine birthrights to be wealthy. When women come together, they are powerful beyond measure and when properly resourced, they will change the world. However, the Manifesto won’t be over when the Summit ends. Quite the opposite, the Manifesto will live in each one of the people who believe in it. It will be a new lifestyle, for once you go W.I.L.D, you never go back. 


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