Become A Jewelry Giant With Christian Johnston


The journey to building an 8-figure jewelry empire has not been an easy walk for Christian Johnston. In his time as founder and president, he has faced multiple challenges that he has been able to navigate in order to make them a part of GLD’s success story. One of the main obstacles was Covid. 

The Covid Pandemic

When the Covid pandemic first broke out, it was a new encounter that no one knew how to handle. With millions dead and many business doors still shut, Covid remains a threat to both businesses and lives. 

Likewise, for GLD, it was a nerve-racking experience. They had to keep people safe and at the same time continue shipping stuff out to keep their customers happy. 

During that same period, GLD was moving offices and trying to onboard new people. And the fact that you cannot onboard them in person made it a little challenging. 

However, by now, the company has adapted well. They have shifted a lot of their customer service remotely. They have adopted a new way of doing business. 

Building A Brand Name

Another challenge that GLD faced was getting their names out there at the beginning. Can you imagine people trusting you with their dollars and hard-earned money and expecting you to deliver good quality products? Yet you are just starting? That was something that seemed difficult at first. However, with the use of social media, great product, and being attentive to customers, this made it possible for them. 

They have now grown to become a trusted brand. They are even verified on Instagram, Google, and by the BBB which has made it a lot easier. 

Lessons To StartUps

Are you looking to grow and scale your jewelry business to the next level? The following actions will help you. 

  1. Be Consistent On Social Media

Social media and especially Instagram can play a fundamental role in growing your brand. Through consistent posting of pictures and sharing your stories, you can build a big following on your Instagram. These following can be turned into paying clients that will help soar your income to the next level. 

Therefore, be persistent and consistent. This will make people know what to expect from you. They will see your efficiency and the high-quality products you offer. You will also be able to measure your success and progress through the feedback that you receive. Also, it will help you to improve on your weaker area as a business. 

  1. Deliver & Ensure Your Clients Are Happy

Happy clients mean a progressive business. Therefore make sure to go the extra mile if need be just to ensure you attain customer satisfaction. It is through customer satisfaction that you will have repeat clients. These clients will also reach out to their friends through word of mouth, and they will come to your business as referrals. That way, your business will rapidly grow to become an empire. Customer satisfaction will also spread your brand name like bushfires. 

  1. Use Failures & Obstacles As Steps To Success

As a startup, obstacles are bound to come. However, do not let them weigh you down. Use every failure as a stepping stone to the next level. For instance, when Covid came, Christian shifted the customer services remotely. That way, he was still able to operate his business. Therefore, learn to appreciate obstacles when they come and act on them. 


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