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Today we are living in a world where owning a digital lifestyle is the way to go. From intellectual property like art, ideas, and collections to participating in virtually exclusive gatherings that provide the same common idea and passion, it seems as if online valuables are constructing the new ownership norm. One of these digital forms of property includes music collectibles like online exclusive concerts for holders, unreleased content from the public – and CCIsDreaming is one of those prime examples. 

CCIsDreaming is the first Web3 “metaversed popstar” and NFT personality announced by Starseed DAO – the industry’s first decentralized Web3 talent label in the metaverse. Due to the virtual artist’s dual identity, she can operate during the day and in “Dreamworld,” with the aim of allowing artists to reach their fullest potential digitally. 

For those thinking, what exactly is a 3D artist and how valuable is it?

Take a look at Gorillaz.

In spite of being completely digital, the band has achieved millions of streams and won lifelong fans and listeners. The only difference is that their music is accessible and released to the public on CDs, Apple Music, and various streaming services. With metaverse artists, you’re investing in intellectual and artistic property that is exclusive to holders only.

CCIsDreaming serves as a symbol for a parallel entertainment industry, dubbed ‘Entertainment 3.0,’ to revolutionize today’s fragmented music industry by creating opportunities for creators from different backgrounds to collaborate within the metaverse and showcase their content. Through Starseed, the two intend to discover, mentor, and empower underserved artists who want to grow their art in the metaverse.

Cynthia Cao, a seasoned Web2 music industry veteran with over a decade of experience, is the face and alter-ego behind CC.

Her career was launched by organizing college dance music events around the country, where she brought in top-tier artists such as R3HAB, Jauz, Marshmello, and more. After also completing an internship with Redlight Management, her growth and experience as a music manager lead to the creation of CCIsDreaming.

With CC, the digital alias embodies her repressed aspirations and emotions that have resulted from industry pressures and societal expectations of how an artist should look and sound.

Cynthia states in a press release that as a performing artist, she “represents the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures while also describing her music as having ‘airy, sonic palettes’ with deep and dark lyrics that encourage the listener to look through duality and redefine themselves.”

Moreover, there is the opportunity for small creators to experiment with showcasing their content via a new model of the digital world, which gives small creators the chance to get their brand off the ground.

“The current model of providing these Web2 artists an additional stream of revenue is not the most effective in delivering the power of Web3,” Cao says. “It is, for this reason, Web3 should start with indie artists and then incorporate established Web2 artists – which is characterized by Entertainment 3.0.” 

For more information on CC, check out her website here.   


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