After a Long Road, Mike Trimby is Finally a MotoGP™ Legend

Joining the ranks of Hall of Fame inductees Giacomo Agostini, Hugh Anderson, Hans-Georg Anscheidt, and many more.

Source: Dorna/MotoGP

Mike Trimby’s journey in motorcycle racing began in the 1960s, where he started as a rider and mechanic. Now he’s being named a MotoGP™ Legend in 2024, recognizing a lifetime of dedication to motorcycle Grand Prix racing. Unlike the racers and track legends who’ve previously been inducted into the Hall of Fame for their on-track achievements, Trimby earns this honor for his monumental influence behind the scenes, marking a historic first in the sport’s recognition of off-track contributions.

But it wasn’t long before his role evolved, steering away from the racetrack to pivotal off-track positions by the late 1970s. His leadership and vision culminated in the founding of the International Road Racing Teams Association (IRTA) in 1986, with Trimby as its CEO, fundamentally reshaping the sport’s future.

Under Trimby’s guidance, IRTA became a critical voice for riders and teams, advocating for their interests and playing a crucial role in the significant advancements in safety that have been seen since its inception. This work, alongside the effort of his wife Irene and the IRTA team, has left an indelible mark on the sport.

The partnership forged in 1992 between the FIM, IRTA, and Dorna Sports owes much to the groundwork laid by IRTA, ensuring that the voices of riders and teams were heard in the sport’s governance. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in shaping MotoGP™ into what it is today.

The announcement of Trimby’s induction into the Hall of Fame on Tuesday, March 26 was accompanied by heartfelt tributes from those closest to him.

Mike would have been very honoured about receiving this prestigious award… It’s wonderful for his work and legacy to be acknowledged in this way…,” said Irene Trimby, reflecting on her husband’s posthumous honor.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, also paid tribute, stating, that “Mike’s contribution to motorcycle Grand Prix racing is truly monumental… So it’s fitting that Mike becomes the first figure honoured purely for his off-track impact… He is greatly missed and we race on in his memory.”

Indeed, Trimby’s induction is not just a personal accolade but a recognition of the vital roles played by those off the track in shaping the sport. It serves as a testament to a man who, through his vision, dedication, and leadership, helped steer MotoGP™ into the future, ensuring it remains a sport beloved by millions around the globe. Trimby’s legacy, alongside those of racing greats like Giacomo Agostini, Valentino Rossi, and Nicky Hayden, will now forever be commemorated in the Hall of Fame, as the MotoGP™ community continues to race forward in his memory.