Review: Nick Theurer is making a difference with Gluco-Pro Protein

Nick Theurer
Nick Theurer. Photo Credit: James Barton.

Filmmaker and entrepreneur Nick Theurer is making a difference with his Gluco-Pro Protein. #Powerjournalist has the recap.

This helps balance and maintain one’s glucose levels, all while building muscle at the same time, so it’s a mutual symbiotic relationship. Thus far, it comes in a chocolate flavor.

Founder Nick Theurer has been a Type 1 diabetic since 2000. He has been an active participant in clinical studies and research with leading endocrinologists.  As an avid fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, he struggled firsthand with finding healthy protein supplements that didn’t disrupt his A1C. So he set his goals on creating a product to not only help himself, but anyone looking to supplement their protein intake while maintaining stable blood glucose levels.

Theurer co-founded Gluco-Pro Protein with Matthew Cassels, PHD, who holds a doctorate from the University of Cambridge in England. He has since been employed in the technology and wellness industry, working directly for multiple leaders in the tech sector and consulting to senior leadership of many other fortune 500 companies. His expertise helps Gluco-Pro ensure our product is founded on leading medical research, is informed by the latest innovations in medical machine learning and Generative AI technology, and exceeds industry and medical standards as a top of the market quality product. 

Overall, Gluco-Pro Protein has a savory flavor with a retro vibe to it, where the consumer can recall Nesquick chocolate drink, which ought to be taken as a compliment. One forgets that they are actually drinking a protein drink.

Gluco-Pro Protein surpassed this journalist’s expectations of it; moreover, it is ideal for people to use before and during workouts. This journalist used it while doing his 10,000-plus per day, and during calisthenics. It is recommended for all (diabetics and nondiabetics), and it garners two giant thumbs up. Well done.

To learn more about Gluco-Pro Protein, check out its official website, and follow the protein on Instagram.