Milana Vayntrub and Sandeep Parikh Team Up On “Your Mom is a Podcast”

Sandeep Parikh and Milana Vayntrub Host Your Mom Is a Podcast

On Monday, The Duo Introduced A Hilarious and Heartfelt Dive into Parenting with Notable Guests

Prepare for laughter, insights, and a whole lot of heart as comedians Sandeep Parikh and Milana Vayntrub unveil their newest venture, “Your Mom is a Podcast.” Set to unpack life lessons about parenting through a Newlywed Show-style game with inspiring guests and their moms. The show is a comedic and poignant exploration of how to raise better people and survive doing so. 

Hosted by the dynamic comedy duo of Sandeep Parikh, known for The Guild and most recently Desiquest, and Milana Vayntrub, best known for her roles as Lily Adams in long-running AT&T commercials and Sloane on This is Us. The long-time best friends, improvisors, and former roommates, promise a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Each episode features an inspiring guest who joins Sandeep and Milana for an intimate conversation about the challenges and joys of parenthood.

What sets “Your Mom is a Podcast” apart happens just before the interview. In each episode, Milana and Sandeep sit down with accomplished individuals, but here’s the twist: they grill their moms beforehand! Then, in a Newlywed-style game, the hosts playback and compare answers for laughs, tears, and heartfelt parenting wisdom from people who’ve done the parenting thing and already raised great people.

From being a single parent, to faith, to navigating blended families, screentime, grief, sexual identity, and supporting mental health, no topic is off-limits on “Your Mom is a Podcast.” Whether you’re a seasoned parent or a curious observer, you’re sure to find laughter, wisdom and maybe even some healing in each episode.

“We’ve had this talk show idea tickling the back of our brains for years, what if we could interview the celeb guest’s moms or dads and surprise them with the answers,” says Sandeep Parikh. “It wasn’t until we had kids of our own did we realize ‘oh this is a perfect parenting podcast, that we actually need for ourselves’”?”

Milana Vayntrub adds, “Parenting is a trip and we wanted to learn from people who’ve already raised some of our favorite people to figure out how they got that way! We’re thrilled to invite people to join us on this journey. Our guests have cracked me up and broken my heart.” She laughs, “all foundational steps to becoming a better parent.” 

With an impressive lineup of authors, entrepreneurs, behavioral scientists and actors already in the pipeline, including Colin Ferguson, Jordan Black, Jessica Jackley and Laci Mosley, “Your Mom is a Podcast” is poised to become a must-listen for comedy enthusiasts and parents alike.

The first two episodes of “Your Mom is a Podcast” premiered on May 6, and new episodes will be released weekly on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Get behind-the-scenes content on Instagram @yourmomisapodcast.