Must Read: The Revolution Of Compassionate Coaching With Cole Taylor


Must Read: The Revolution Of Compassionate Coaching With Cole Taylor

Despite coaching seeming like a new profession, its roots are as old as humanity. Its popularity began in the 18th century and has grown to become the second-fastest growing industry today. Empathy is one of the qualities that is highly cherished in coaching. It involves understanding and looking at things from someone else’s dimension. What does this mean for a coach? It means that coaches can have more compassionate approaches to their clients. 

Cole is already leading in the game as a performance and a health coach for entrepreneurs and business people. He is the founder of The Starting Line, a company that helps you create more in every area of your life, build the body of your dreams, leverage your time, scale your business, and find balance in your relationships. Cole is an ex-D1 athlete, a licensed pastor, and holds a high gift in helping men find more in every area of their lives. 

Disrupting Coaching With Empathy

Cole always notices other people’s needs. He empathizes and acts to enhance their wellbeing. Cole desires to see people discover their true potential. He helps business people and entrepreneurs who want more for their life to take action. He gives a clear plan and structure to help them control every area of their lives; mind, body, spirit, relationship, health, and growth. 

Cole achieves all these goals through compassionate training and teaching, which offers resources to his clients. He teaches through weekly calls and frequent videos. He also provides an incredible community to his trainees that help challenge and encourage them to pursue their goals. 

What Does Compassionate Coaching Entail?

  1. A Passion For Helping People

Coaching needs you to have a passion for people. You need to help them improve their quality of life and see their success as your own. Help them discover their potentials and strengths. For you to develop a passion for helping people, you need to start helping them. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not, do it. It would help if you became obsessed with what you do and integrate it into your life. 

  1. Finding Satisfaction

Your coaching should give you satisfaction. One time when Cole was starting, he always felt lost and empty. He kept looking for something that would fill the void in him. He strived so much to prove his worth, and this made him even more frustrated. Nothing satisfactory came forth. But when he chose to redefine himself, confront his pains, and started doing what he loved, he found satisfaction. He now helps people find their true potential as well. Therefore, your coaching should have the capacity to satisfy you before satisfying your trainees or clients. 


To make his compassionate coaching bear fruits, Cole walks alongside his clients and ensures they become what they want. He is also keen to provide proven strategies that help maximize his clients’ time and efficiency. Cole also offers tools and resources to give his clients daily actions to take ownership of their lives. 

For more information on compassionate coaching, you can connect to Cole Taylor on Instagram. 


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