Panela Rec launches its new U.S. Latin record label Panela Rec Latin

Panela Rec Latin
Photo Courtesy of Panela Rec Latin

Panela Rec, the renowned multi-national music company, announced the expansion of its operations into the United States with the launch of its American subsidiary, Panela Rec Latin. #Powerjouranlist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Building on its major international success in Portugal and Europe, Panela Rec Latin aims to become a vital resource for American artists and the booming US Latin  music industry.

The first major international signing for Panela Rec Latin is none other than Angolan sensation Anselmo Ralph, who has already achieved unprecedented success as the #1 artist in Portugal. Anselmo Ralph, currently a coach on The Voice Generations, has recently collaborated with American rapper Rick Ross and Spanish music artist Soge Culebra on his latest single “Sola”. As part of its expansion, Panela Rec Latin has inked a global distribution deal with Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies. This strategic partnership offers Panela Rec Latin global marketing and sales support surrounding its releases. 

“We are excited for the official launch of Panela Rec Latin and expanding our offices in the United States,” said Panela Rec CEO Rony Padilha and managing partners Tiago Araújo and David Guimarães in a company statement. “With the global rise of Latin music, we want to be a bridge between the American mainstream music industry and key markets such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and across LatAm. To have Believe as a global strategic partner allows us to offer our artists best-in-class artist development and support.”

About the partnership, Alejandra Olea, Managing Director Americas, Spain and Portugal from Believe said, “We are delighted to announce the addition of Panela Records to the Believe family for the forthcoming years. With an exceptional roster featuring renowned artists like Anselmo Ralph, as well as a host of promising talents from the new generation, Panela is poised to achieve remarkable growth and success as a distinguished label.” 

Panela Rec’s success story is deeply rooted in its commitment to music production, artist development, and artist management, as well as concert and festival promotion. With operating offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Miami, the company’s reach spans continents, making it a true powerhouse in the music industry.

The recent administration and co-publishing deal between Panela Rec Portugal and BMG Spain is a testament to the company’s strategic approach to fostering innovation between the Portuguese and Spanish music industries, opening new horizons for artists in both markets.

As Panela Rec Latin continues to expand, it seeks to create unparalleled opportunities for emerging and established artists alike through songwriting sessions and writing camps. By nurturing talent and embracing diverse musical backgrounds, Panela Rec Latin will undoubtedly cement its position as a multi-national company dedicated to elevating the global Latin music phenomenon.

Panela Rec’s remarkable catalog boasts an array of impressive artists, including Anselmo Ralph, Blaya, Diogo Piçarra, Ir Sais, Djodje, Jimmy P, Lauana Prado, Maninho, Melim, Nininho Vaz Maia, Rebecca, and Syro, among others. These artists exemplify the dynamic and diverse musical tapestry that Panela Rec Latin aims to foster.

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