Reality star Josh Seiter gains notoriety as one of the top content creators in the world

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter. Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter

Reality and social media star Josh Seiter gains notoriety as one of the top content creators in the world. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos catches up with Josh Seiter.

“2023 has been fantastic,” he admitted. “I am currently in Houston visiting my nieces and nephews who are the center of my world and the cutest kids ever. God has definitely been good to me the last few years, so I’m just enjoying my time with family.” 

The “Bachelorette” alum keeps on making headlines in the media, and for him, any publicity is good publicity. “I am always humbled by the media attention I get. I’m also honored to count the people at In Touch, The Sun,  and other major outlets. The media is always a mutual relationship, and I’m appreciative of the coverage. As you noted, there has been more press this week regarding my ranking at the very top of all content creator earners in the world, and I couldn’t be more humbled.”

“As with dancing, reality television, and anything else I’ve done, it feels good being counted at the top of my chosen profession. Obviously a lot of hard work goes into being at the top of any field, but the dividends are well worth the elbow grease. I am very grateful for my ranking on OnlyFans, and my ability to provide for myself with ease and, quite honestly, marginal effort,” he explained.

When asked if he would go back on reality TV, if the opportunity were to arise, he said, “I would be open to going back on television if it was the right production. It would have to be something centered on my work in the mental health field or as a content creator, and it couldn’t be another cheesy reality show like The Bachelorette. But as long as the premise of the show was congruent with my interests, I would be 100 percent down for the ride.” 

He hopes to continue to grow his social media presence, but for Seiter, family is of utmost importance. “This year, I plan on continuing to grow my presence on OnlyFans and social media, but I’m also taking a step back to focus more on my immediate family. After losing my father and both grandparents last year, the importance of family in my life can’t be overstated. I spend most of my time traveling to my uncles in St. George, Utah, and my brother and nieces and nephew in Houston, Texas,” he shared.

“I can honestly say that even compared to traveling the country as a male stripper or being on television or graduating law school, being with family definitely provides the most fulfillment and happiness compared to anything else I’ve ever done,” he said.

A law graduate, Seiter shared his true thoughts about jury duty. “Jury duty is terribly boring, and I find law as a whole very unfulfilling,” he said. “I have no desire to serve on a jury for free, or lose out on money to decide some strangers fate for the state. With that said, it’s compulsory and unavoidable, so try to make the best of it,” he tells prospective jurors.

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