Review: Chloe Caroline soars on her new EP ‘The Awakening Vol. 1’

Chloe Caroline
Chloe Caroline. Photo Courtesy of Chloe Caroline.

Singer-songwriter Chloe Caroline released her charming new EP “‘The Awakening Vol. 1.” #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

It opens with the crisp and sassy “Twinflames,” which instantly lures listeners in this six-track EP, and it immediately breaks into the atmospheric “Saving Space,” which is sheer bliss. “Gemini” is both melodically and lyrically stunning, where the listener can recall Carly Rae Jepsen.

The EP was produced by Brian West (SIA, Nelly Furtado and Andy Grammar) and Jamie Kenney (Colbie Caillat and Fletcher).

In “Afraid of the Dark,” Caroline is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable, and it is followed by the groovy “Underneath the Moon,” and it closes on a heartfelt note with “Memories,” which has a nostalgic vibe to it.

“The Awakening Vol. 1” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. It garners two thumbs up.

The Verdict

Overall, this collection showcases Chloe Caroline’s growth and maturity as both an artist and as a storyteller. She allows her breathy, crystalline vocals to shine and every song on here has its own identity. The EP has an Elle King and Kylie Morgan vibe to it, and that ought to be taken as a major compliment. “The Awakening Vol. 1” is worth more than just a passing glance.

To learn more about Chloe Caroline, check out her official website, and follow her on Instagram.