Review: Jill Wagner and Paul Greene charm in ‘Bringing Christmas Home’

Jill Wagner and Paul Greene
Jill Wagner and Paul Greene. Photo Courtesy of Great American Family

Actors Jill Wagner and Paul Greene stun in the new original holiday film “Bringing Christmas Home,” which premiered on Great American Family on October 28th.

In Bringing Christmas Home, retired military officer, now Military History professor, Caroline Upton (Jill Wagner) is enlisted to assist antiques store owner, Russell Carlisle (Paul Greene) in finding the family of WWII Army officer Orin Newton before Christmas with the hope of returning precious personal artifacts – Orin’s dress uniform, medals, and a stack of love letters from his beloved Alice who waits for him back home.

Epaulettes and insignia provide initial clues, though the search seems to dead end when Caroline discovers Orin was captured and listed as MIA. Caroline and Russell then search the love letters for clues as to what happened to Orin and whether he ever made it home to Alice.

The Verdict

Jill Wagner and Paul Greene are wonderful together, and they are able to sustain the audience’s attention for the movie’s entire duration. Wagner is bold, unflinching and charismatic in the role of Caroline Upton while Paul Greene is charming and memorable as Russell Carlisle. Well done. It garners two thumbs up.