Review: Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar stun in their new Hallmark film

Stephen Huszar and Katie Cassidy
Stephen Huszar and Katie Cassidy. Photo Courtesy of Johnson Production Group

Katie Cassidy of “Gossip Girl” and Stephen Huszar stun in their brand new Hallmark film “A Royal Christmas Crush.” #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

Marita Jane Grabiak directed it from a script by Keith Hemstreet, Catherine Reay, and Kate Somerville. This new original movie premiered on Saturday, July 8th as part of Hallmark’s annual “Christmas in July” series.

In this holiday movie, Ava Jensen (Katie Cassidy) is a gifted architect who joins her beloved Uncle Karl (Charlie Ebbs), in an enchanting frozen kingdom to build an elaborate ice castle for the Royal Family – a tradition going back almost two centuries.

Every year, the Royal Family gathers at the ice castle to relax and get away while they prepare for the annual Royal Christmas Ball.

While there, Ava meets the handsome Prince Henry (Stephen Huszar), the heir to the throne and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Although the two may be from completely different worlds, they become smitten with one another.

The Prince, impressed by Ava’s talents, asks her to help him with his big speech and the two set out to learn more about one another.
However, things aren’t as magical as they appear as the palace’s scheming Director of Logistics, Brigitta (Angela Besharah), seeking to restore her family’s nobility and status, is determined to win the charming Prince over for her own daughter, the beautiful and very
persistent, Sigrid (Kathryn Kohut).

With so much at stake, Brigitta sets out to sabotage the new budding romance before the Prince and Ava can get too close, however, hearts may already be melting in this winter wonderland ice palace.

Stephen Huszar and Katie Cassidy have great chemistry in “A Royal Christmas Crush,” and this romantic comedy will resonate well with Hallmark fans and viewers. It is neat watching Huszar do a different accent. Ironically enough, both lead actors are dating in real life, so this is a fine example of life imitating art, so kudos to them both. This film garners two thumbs up.