Review: ‘The Christmas Retreat’ is a neat new film on UPtv

Rhiannon Fish and Clayton James in 'The Christmas Retreat'
Rhiannon Fish and Clayton James in 'The Christmas Retreat.' Photo Courtesy of UPtv.

“The Christmas Retreat,” starring Clayton James and Rhiannon Fish, is a neat new film on UPtv. It premiered on Friday, November 11th on UPtv, which coincided with this year’s Veterans Day holiday.

The synopsis is as follows: When Kim’s (Rhiannon Fish) boyfriend breaks up with her instead of proposing, her mom whisks her away to a Christmas retreat where she meets the owner’s unemployed brother, Mark (Clayton James). But will they be able to see past the mistakes neither one wants to admit to and let the magic of the season connect them?

Clayton is charming as Mark while Rhiannon allows her bubble and sassy personality to shine as Kim. Both actors have good chemistry together.

Overall, “The Christmas Retreat” is worth checking out. It will sustain the viewer’s attention and it is a heartwarming film. Clayton James and Rhiannon Fish deliver memorable and solid performances in this feel-good movie. Lynn Whyte is sensational as Kim’s mother, Mary. “The Christmas Retreat” garners four out of five stars.