Roger Ailes Dead At 77


Roger Ailes, the founder and former CEO of Fox News who was ousted last year in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal, has passed away at age 77. Fox News confirmed the news in this on-air announcement and relayed a statement from Ailes’ wife, Elizabeth:

Ailes founded Fox News in 1996. In an obituary, the Washington Post credits him with the transformation of political coverage into a Hollywood-like pursuit of talent and sparkle. Under his direction, the Fox News network remained the touchstone of conservative coverage through most of the 2016 election. In July 2016, however, 21st Century Fox announced the resignation of Ailes, who was the subject of several sexual harassment allegations by female employees, including former network host Gretchen Carlson.

There has been no cause of death has yet been released, of course, but Sherman reports that Ailes had suffered a fall with complications, including a blood clot. Our heart goes out to the family of Mr. Ailes.


R.I.P Roger…




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