Sasha Alexander Ponti and Dara Tomanovich join forces for Devon Halsey

Sasha Alexander
Sasha Alexander. Photo Credit: Timothy White

Sasha Alexander Ponti and Dara Tomanovich have joined forces for the fashion line Devon Halsey. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Actress, Movie Star, Director Sasha Alexander Ponti, known for her roles in Rizzoli & Isles and NCIS is a new luxury women’s golf line Devon Halsey, created by fellow Movie Star, model Dara Tomanovich. Sasha loves the new line so much that she became part of the most recent shoot as one of the models.

“When a partner asks me to go golfing, play pickleball or tennis, my Devon Halsey luxury wear is ready to go,” she says. “Because this elegant sportswear works with my body, not against it, every line is flattering. Every color makes me feel like I belong on the court, the course, and out in public.”

Crafted from premium materials and designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Devon Halsey brand effortlessly combines fashion and function to elevate your game to new heights. From timeless classics to modern trends, Devon Halsey apparel is tailored to fit your unique style and preferences, ensuring you always look and feel your best on the Green and everywhere in between.

“I love this new golf and sports line because now I have the freedom to wear a stylish outfit to lunch or a morning out and head straight to the golf course or the pickleball court knowing that what I’m wearing fits so many parts of my active lifestyle,” Sasha explained. “I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort anymore.”

Sasha, who played Gretchen Witter in Dawson’s Creek and has acted in films including Yes Man (2008) and He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) also played Caitlin Todd on NCIS. Alexander later starred as Maura Isles in the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles and was a regular on Shameless. 

“Dara’s attention to specific colors upped the ante on the line’s high fashion quotient,” said Sasha. “The premier Devon Halsey collection merges classic lines with innovative detail work in fashion colors as well as monochromatic options.”  

Dara explained that her inspiration to design women’s golf activewear came during the pandemic when she took up golf and realized that while men’s golf clothes had a lot of flair, there was nothing remotely close out there to match that energy for women.

“As I started to get into the sport, I quickly realized I had nothing to wear to make me feel
confident on the golf course,” Dara explained. “As a fashion model, actor, and lover of great clothes, I created my own golf wardrobe from my own couture closet. I’d pack a bag filled with Bruno Cucinelli, Valentino, and Chanel.”

The line can be seen at several Golf Clubs,  in Miami La Gorce Country Club, Emerald Dunes, online at  http://www.devonhalsey.comFacebook and

. “Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices ensures that we not only create beautiful products, but we also prioritize the well-being of the world around us,” Dara explained. “Our mission is to empower women to feel confident and stylish by offering premium quality and fashion-forward luxury activewear. We strive to inspire a new generation of active women by creating designs that seamlessly blend performance, comfort, and style.”

The line is currently carried by the Sebonack Private Golf Club and Wingedfoot Golf Club. 

“I was getting stopped on the golf course. People were asking me where I got my clothes. Men as well as women,” Dara explained. “I realized I was about to hit my hole-in-one if I could create an active golf line that fit like the luxury clothing I was used to but offered active movement. I wanted to still feel like myself when I suited up for the game. That’s where Devon Halsey was born.”

Why the name Devon Halsey?  “Devon Halsey was a name I made up while I was an actor in Hollywood 20 years ago so that people didn’t know where I lived as I was starting to get fan mail sent to my home which was concerning for my personal safety,” Dara explained. “I was a younger girl living in the Hollywood hills alone. It was daunting so I created an alias for my mailbox.”

“Our goal is to continue creating the best, sustainable, fashionable luxury activewear on the market,” said Dara. “The holiday season is going to be huge for us as well. Every day, I’m inspired by the little things: Morning walks with my love, a great game of golf, and creating and talking with my team. I see each day as a gift, and an opportunity to inspire women to get involved in sports and an active lifestyle – and feel good in their clothes while doing it.”

Dara has an outstanding team: Timothy White (fashion photographer) and Wayne Scot Lukas (celebrity stylist).

Dara Tomanovich
Dara Tomanovich. Photo Credit: Anna Gunselman

Dara’s goal is to continue creating the best, sustainable, fashionable luxury activewear on the market.

Dara Tomanovich was discovered by Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld who cast her as the face of his Chloe line, at the age of 18.  She lived in Paris working as a model for five years, gracing the cover of the French edition of Marie Claire, and appearing in advertisements for the British edition of Vogue.

Dara moved to New York and studied acting at The William Esper Studio in Manhattan. She appeared with Academy Award winner George Clooney in a television campaign for the Italian car manufacturer, Fiat. She moved to Los Angeles and received a role in the Pauly Shore comedy, Bio-Dome. Dara went on to appear in a variety of television shows, including Highlander, The Practice, Family Affair, Just Shoot Me, and Secret Agent Man.