Shazam! The 70’s TV show finally makes it to the Big Screen


After getting lost at a Carnival and not being able to find his mother, Billy Batson becomes an Orphan. Now a rebellious teenager Billy goes from foster home to foster home with no permanent home in sight.
A compassionate family decides to take Billy in when he meets a mysterious man who has summoned him to an alternate world and gives him gift of powers.
He than becomes an adult superhero with the mind of a teenager as he finds out that he’s bulletproof, has super strength and can fly.
The movie leans to the comedic side. Zachary Levy does a great job of playing Shazam as an adult with no life experience. The movie has lots of laughs as a boy starts to become a man in the movie.
Based on DC Comics Shazam!, the original hero was also originally named Captain Marvel, but there is no mention of his name in the movie. This movie is not the 70’s TV show that many people used to watch when they were children, which was a little bit more serious, but it does take on it’s own identity.
A good family movie, it should do well at the box office.


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