Child Prodigy ‘Brandon Howard’ Releases New Single ‘Seatbelt’; Reveals New Business Venture

Singer and songwriter Brandon Howard just released his new single "Seatbelt" and launched his latest business venture, PPM Music.


For singer/songwriter and producer, Brandon Howard began his career as a child prodigy with his first major placement on Ginuwine’s 2003 single “Love You More” which reached #23 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs. His newest single, “Seatbelt” explores the intricacies and intimacy between two lovers in the backseat, alluding to one’s ability to unlock their guard for purposes of loving (and being loved).

True Hollywood Talk sat down with Howard for an exclusive interview about his company’s newest partnership with TST Productions, and his plans to expand into Europe and Asia.

Howard’s company, PPM Music Inc, had been working very closely with TST Productions for the past 18 months, which, according to him, resulted in a partnership. “This new company foundation was a strategic partnership for myself, my brand, and music with plans to expand into Europe and Asia,” he told True Hollywood Talk.

True Hollywood Talk: Why did you launch PPM Music?

Brandon Howard: My company, PPM Music Inc., was founded for all my endeavors and ventures as a global artist, brand, and entrepreneur. As a mainly independent artist, it is very important to be running your brand like a business in order to keep things organized and constantly moving forward. My company has done work with music production, film production, concerts, events, fashion shows, etc. all surrounding the B. Howard brand itself.

Having launched in early 2021, TST Productions is a full-service entertainment and music management production agency specifically designed for music releases, show productions, and concerts. 

“With the launch of this company, we aim to combine multiple services throughout the music industry, whilst expanding my own brand throughout Europe and Asia,” Howard added. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity and timing with things slowing down during the COVID-19 pandemic to finally make this partnership with TST Productions a reality. Now that Europe is starting to re-open, I am very excited to return there to create music, perform, and expand my career as an artist.”

True Hollywood Talk: How did you first come together with TST Productions?

BH: We met in 2019 in the Netherlands when launching a male clothing line at a fashion show, and started brainstorming on how to combine all facets of the industry. A few projects and a lot of work later, here we are; we are ready to take it to the next level. 

True Hollywood Talk: Tell us about your partnership with TST Productions

BH: TST Productions is a full service one stop shopping production agency. With over 50 years of extended experience in the field of show business, they have managed to build  a very strong client base in the TV/media, fashion, shows/events and artist industry. 

Coming from a family business growing into a company that has been working with almost all global renowned artists in the pop and rock industry for all these years, knowing stage life, touring and pre, production, post production and stage management in all capacities, it is a great combination to add to Brandon’s team of musicians, singers, songwriters and producers. It creates a seamless connection and is the red thread through all aspects of any music or show production. That means the artist only has to focus on his part, the art of creating great music. 

True Hollywood Talk: What about this partnership is unique to the industry and to what you are working on? 

BH: It is most common to have many creative partners and suppliers in any music or show production. That means that for one production you can sometimes work with over 125 suppliers and/or creatives in all kinds of capacities–which is great, but not always very effective in execution. 

With this union we are able to cover complete productions inhouse, from concept to finished product, and provide the opportunity to have all high end suppliers, artists and skilled talents under one roof. That way we create tailor made productions which will always benefit the artist, the music and the shows. 

True Hollywood Talk: What challenges have you faced along the way, as a musician?

BH: The biggest challenge must have been the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has been for everyone else in the music and show industry. More specifically, traveling back and forth between Amsterdam during the pandemic. Safety was everyone’s main concern and I am glad we were able to remain safe and healthy throughout the pandemic and traveling abroad.

True Hollywood Talk: How did you overcome these challenges?

BH: We had to have a lot of direct communication with the Dutch Embassy who were very helpful in making travel easier. The isolation during the pandemic did offer me a lot of time to create a lot of new opportunities and focus on bringing new ventures to the table. 

True Hollywood Talk: For consumers, why does a partnership like this matter? Why is this good for the industry?

BH:  I think relatability is a big part of the struggle that came with COVID-19. Everyone was affected, no matter how famous or how influential, and we all had to get through this together. I just hope some of my story can help others get through struggles they have faced during these trying times. 

Music, shows and concerts have always been an important part of people’s lives. It will be even more relevant now, since we are all recovering from this pandemic and how it isolated people. Feeling connected through art, music and shows is what we appreciate even more after these Covid 19 consequences. 

True Hollywood Talk: What do you hope to accomplish with this partnership looking into 2022?

BH: To be able to share music together and uplift spirits. So as we are ushering in the post covid era, global accessibility and sharing your music through shows and creating personal connections with the fans is even more valuable now than ever.

True Hollywood Talk: As a musician, how does this help increase your brand awareness?

BH: Yes, without a doubt. I could not be happier for this partnership finally being official. My ultimate goal is to have my brand and music worldwide and with this new partnership, we are one step closer to where we want to be.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Howard wants to use his company to help connect all parts of show business together. “It always starts with great music,” he said. “From creating a song and visualizing it, to show productions in all forms imaginable. Whether it be live shows, festivals, commercial projects with large corporate brands – with an in-house dedicated team and expert talents in each field, this is the perfect blend between and among creativity, strategy, and vision.”

Addressing social media head on, Howard, who is an advocate of Twitter and Instagram, also pointed out its harsh realities:

“The world has become a much smaller place in the last decade because of it. Not everything we see is uplifting and positive. It is important to look at every continent and bring happiness to every part of the world. We can do this by uniting people through music and shows.”

You can follow him on Spotify.

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