Earlier this year, Connor released his single “Bring You Back,” which is an elegy dedicated to those who have lost loved ones to the senseless tragedy of an automobile accident. The single along with the March release of the track’s music video, coincided with the theatrical release of Brian Metcalf’s neo-noir thriller, ‘Adverse’.

Having previously worked with the director a couple years ago while screening “Little Gandhi”, Connor was happy to get a phone call out of the blue a couple years later from Metcalf, asking Connor to contribute a song to the film. It just so happened that he was in the middle of writing “Bring You Back” at the time.

True Hollywood Talk sat down with Connor about his latest single “Everything.”

True Hollywood Talk: Tell us about “Everything” – how did it come to be? Is there a story here? 

Dylan Connor: It started with one of those meditative, melancholy chords I found on the guitar while playing in between classes: just vamping on “everything is going away…”  The song is about the paradoxes of human life and existence. While we are all fighting to stay alive, we are dying. While we all try to be true to ourselves, we get sucked into conforming to systems and institutions. 

True Hollywood Talk: How long did it take to put together?

DC: The first recording of it, as a fragment, is from February 2018. I finished in 2020 by extending the verses and adding the outro. 

True Hollywood Talk: What do you want listeners to take away from this track?

DC: That they felt rocked, in a deep John Lennon, Guided By Voices kind of way. 

True Hollywood Talk: What can we expect from your upcoming album “Infinity Days”

DC: This is the lead off track, and it serves as an indicator that I wanted to plug in and rock on this album. Infinity Days has a darker and more streamlined sound than anything I’ve done before. This is much to do with the producer and mixer of the album, Coley O’Toole, from the platinum selling band We the Kings.

It is also because I have learned, album by album, to trim that fat off of my songs.

Finally, the songs come from a place of mapping my interior during a year when we could not play out live. It was a good time for introspection. 

True Hollywood Talk: Have you ever considered doing NFT drops with your music?

DC: I haven’t. I am not allowed to even open the mail at my house for fear of me doing anything having to do with money. 

True Hollywood Talk: Do you plan on touring any time soon? If you could perform anywhere, where would it be and why?

DC: Yes! I am currently doing a residency every friday night in CT as I prepare to tour in the fall. If I could play anywhere, it would be at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, because I saw so many beautiful shows there, from Bob Dylan to Live to Guided By Voices. It is outdoors in one of my favorite places on earth (the Bay Area), and is the perfect size – not too big – it feels intimate.

“Everything” by Dylan Connor is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. You can follow Dylan on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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