Stylist and Brand Ambassador Joseph Hobbs of Showbizly Provides Insight into Celebrity Endorsements of Luxury Fashion Around High-Profile Events


Celebrities are highly important and valuable to brands, especially in the luxury fashion sector. There is no argument about this observation. Joseph Hobbs as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Brand Ambassador of Showbizly knows first-hand given his marketing agency is based in Beverly Hills, California. According to Hobbs, celebrities wield enormous power in fashion circles and can contribute to making and breaking brands.  According to Hobbs” “I’ve seen fashion designers pamper them and brand managers recognize their potential to increase sales for products, good, and services”

Celebrity endorsement does not however begin and end with shooting and printing photos of a beautiful star with a luxury product, in a fashion magazine. There are several factors and dimensions involved in choosing a celebrity to endorse a brand. It is however worthwhile to establish the scope and true value of celebrity endorsements linked to brand promotion. How do celebrities bring glamour to brands? First, who are celebrities? Well, Hobbs views celebrities as people that exert significant influence in several facets of society ranging from arts, music, movies and television, sports, culture, education, politics, government, and religion. These celebrities can have a significant influence on global fashion trends. In addition, high-profile events that celebrities attend can attract attention and get brands in front of potential customers. 

Hobbs has attended many events with the famous and influential as seen on his various social media channels. In the fashion world, this list of celebrities would include designers, their muses, models, photographers, image consultants, style advisers, and any famous person involved in the artistic aspects of fashion such as makeup artists, fashion consultants, and fashion experts like Joseph Hobbs. The celebrities most utilized in the promotion of luxury fashion brands are often seen in photos and videos are usually in the film and music industry because of their high visibility and the prominent role that fashion plays in the entertainment sectors.

The reason that personalities are used in brand communications is that they make the promotional messages stand out among the clutter of advertising and offerings from competitors, and to convince customers of the credibility of the brand’s offerings. According to Hobbs, in addition to these, celebrity endorsement is important to luxury brands because their influence provides for a great awareness and creation tool for new brands. Endorsement by celebrities helps to position and re-position existing brands and contribute to sustaining their aura. Furthermore, celebrities are used to revive and revitalize brands and generate extensive PR leverage and opportunities for brands. “We at Showbizly like that through social and digital media celebrities can be used to reach a global market and promote a brand’s product,” Hobbs told us.

Celebrity endorsement entails the personality and status of the celebrity as successful, wealthy, influential, and distinctive are directly linked with the brand. Other personality attributes that the celebrity may have such as glamour, beauty, talent, and style will also be ultimately linked with the brand. This factor however appears to be required less among luxury brands than consumer brands because luxury brands already have well-defined and strong brand personalities. The reality is that luxury brands need to define the connection between their brands and celebrities. This fact raises the question of the choice criteria of a celebrity for a luxury brand. How can the right celebrity be matched with the right brand to achieve the desired maximum impact and results?

Joseph Hobbs as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Brand Ambassador of Showbizly feels the endorsement of luxury fashion brands by celebrities is a strategy that undoubtedly has great importance in the luxury goods sector. He ensures that movies stars are trending topics in social media posts and digital media campaigns. Although the short-term results are difficult to accurately measure, his take is that if managed effectively, this strategy often yields long-term benefits such as increased brand loyalty and brand equity, which ultimately translate to higher sales turnover and brand value.


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