Thanks To Blisslets, You Can Fashionably Fight Nausea

Source: Blisslets

Jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory – it is a way of life. Apart from how “shiny” or “heavy” the piece is, it is important to consider factors when selecting jewelry. Our tendency to choose stylish jewelry over comfortable pieces can have negative consequences in the long run. But what if I told you that there are jewelry brands that put beauty and comfort all in one? With bracelets from Blisslets, you can show off your comfort from the outside as well as the inside!

As an alternative to motion sickness bands, Blisslets are the most stylish option. On the underside of the wrist, Blisslets apply gentle acupressure to the P6 acupoint, which provides drug-free nausea relief. 

Hope Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets // Photo Courtesy of Blisslets
Joy Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets // Photo Courtesy of Blisslets

There have been many clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of P6 acupressure for the relief of nausea, including motion sickness, morning sickness, visually induced nausea, and more. Founder Katie Aparicio has worked hard to create a brand that reflects and communicates why Blisslets are the only acupressure bracelets that can also be stylish accessories.

“People often use Blisslets during memorable or vulnerable moments—everything from going on a cruise vacation to facing a round of chemo,” Katie says. “We created Blisslets to help our customers live life to the fullest in whatever situation they are in by providing the most beautiful, discreet, and effective nausea-relief bracelets available. Everything from our social media to our stunning, reusable packaging aims to show that when you buy Blisslets, you’re getting a thoughtfully designed, quality product that offers more value than if you picked up a generic-looking cardboard box of acupressure sweatbands simply.”  

As a family-owned, locally produced company, Blisslets is committed to giving back to the communities that need them most. As an example, the brand has supported cancer patients, pregnant women suffering from HG, and migraine sufferers through their products and revenue-sharing.

Acupressure bands have been around for decades, but until we took up the task, the only options were conspicuous, ugly, or uncomfortable,” Katie explains. “I had used acupressure wristbands myself during pregnancy, and I found they worked well, but I hated wearing them because they practically announced my nausea to the world. I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted a more discreet, natural nausea solution. And, I knew that when you’re confident in how you look, that helps you feel better. This is what inspired our brand motto: Fight Nausea. Look Great.

A company’s most important responsibility is listening to its customers about what they want from products – and that is exactly what Blisslets does, as Katie created them with her own expectations of who would benefit from them. 

“In front of my mind were other expecting moms, since I had first encountered acupressure bracelets during my own pregnancy,” Katie says. “I knew they’d be popular among motion-sick travelers, but along the way have learned about so many other ways people benefit from them—for example, anxiety and insomnia! Besides reaching out to new groups who could benefit from Blisslets, we’ve also learned to adapt our products to what people are most interested in, whether that means our newly launched styles made without latex or the subtle, neutral colors that we’ll be featuring the line we’re releasing over the next few months.”

Blisslets are available for purchase here


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