The Need For Great Clinical Supervision In A Time Of Unparalleled Need For Therapy


Since the covid-19 outbreak, people have struggled with mental health due to stress and isolation. The epidemic exacerbated anxiety, stress and relationship struggles.   people. Couple mental health concerns with financial issues due to inflation, job loss or soaring debt and we have a culture ripe for acute and chronic mental health problems. Stress is the leading contributor in development of chronic diseases among Americans. The problem has also reduced employees’ overall productivity through frequent burnouts.

With the ongoing trend, there is a need to have experienced psychotherapy experts to help manage stress. Clinical Supervision Now is a company that supports recently graduated associates and interns  get the experience they need to become highly skilled therapists. . People who have just graduated from the university may be overwhelmed by the many clients they attend. They may also be unable to handle patients with hyper-stress and thus need to consult clinical supervisors.

Clinical Supervision Now seeks to increase the number of qualified psychotherapists in stress management. Organizations that provide mental health services often are in need of clinical supervisors due to layoffs, leave of absence or sickness. Clinical Supervision Now fills that need.. Frank Del Fiugo, the CEO of Clinical Supervision Now, offers cost-effective services to help associates and interns get psychotherapy licensing. The company seeks to bridge the acute supervisory shortage in this field. The company has a pool of seasoned clinical supervisors who will help the interns achieve 3000 supervised working hours necessary for licensure. 

Has the lack of qualified clinical supervisors derailed licensing of your interns? Clinical Supervision Now would staff supervisors in your company. The company has highly experienced experts who would provide support to ensure seamless and quick licensing. 

How Clinical Supervision Now Is Speeding Access To Stress Management Services?

The lack of adequate psychotherapists has been blamed for many patients with major depressive disorders. Do you know that stress needs early detection and prevention? In the early stages, it is easy to treat stress. However, late diagnosis may cause it hard to treat the complication

Clinical Supervision is now improving mental health  services in the following ways.

  1. Reduce the psychotherapists to patient ratio. Clinical Supervision now targets to speed up the licensure of the graduates to reduce the ratio. With many specialists, it would be possible for patients to get personalized services that would speed up their recovery.
  2. Speeds up fast quick access to mental health services. With the faster licensure of the graduate therapist, you would have many specialists to choose from. It would be possible to prevent stress from reaching untreatable limits. The presence of many specialists to patients ratio would also lower stress management costs.

Final remark

Clinical Supervision Now has made it possible to have faster licensing of graduates. The company’s move will help counter the increasing mental health problems among Americans. If you have been struggling searching for a psychotherapy trailblazer to coach your interns, relax now. Connect with Frank Del Fiugo, the CEO of Clinical Supervision Now here to get the best psychotherapist supervisors posted in your company.