You Can Love Bigger(™) with Household Stuff You Used to Love


Have you ever wondered how much stuff the average American has in their home? The word “stuff” is appropriate because so many Americans have homes virtually stuffed with items they barely use. Statistics show that we have so much that it’s robbing us of happiness. Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually on non-essentials. Data on our spending and shopping habits confirms that we spend a lot on items we do not regularly need, which has led one out of ten Americans to rent off-site storage. 

Yet too much stuff does not necessarily equate to happiness. In fact, to Jen Heard, each item we own comes with more than five strings attached because of the work we must do to manage it, recycle its packaging, find space for it, dust it, maintain it, and dispose of it. A good steward will also find somewhere for it to go once you’re done with it. 

Having too much stuff is not a good situation at all. It comes with more disadvantages than advantages, and that’s why Jen Heard advises people to get out of the comfort of their own homes, find a charity via the Love Bigger (™) app, and show that LOVE by giving away the stuff with some life left in it that they no longer use or perhaps bought and never used. 

About Jen Heard 

Jen Heard is the Founder of Clean Sweep Consulting, Inc. – a business helping people and families set goals, simplify, redesign, downsize, and improve their lives. Jen loves home organization, closet organization, purging unneeded items, packing and unpacking, and downsizing. This versatile entrepreneur also coaches downsizers remotely via Zoom.

In the winter of 2018, during a presentation at a local church, Jen got a download from God, which she calls the #LoveBigger(™) Movement. While speaking to a group of active senior citizens on a cold February day, she said, “You can ‘love bigger’ with your stuff. Keeping all of the items you have accumulated over a lifetime is self-indulgent, and can complicate things for your relatives when you are ailing or unfortunately gone someday. When you see the poverty and need out there that you can help to end right now and share the items you no longer use or need, you can love others and give them a leg up in the world. You can love bigger.. Much bigger.”


The Love Bigger (™) concept is synonymous with Jen’s faith and business values. She believes in sustainably giving away stuff we no longer need or use to reputable charities. When we give away stuff, we cut strings and free ourselves to create a clearer vision and plan for our lives. 

Charitable downsizing is giving away non-essential, lesser-used stuff to charity. When you engage in charitable downsizing, you ‘love bigger’ because you’re giving away stuff to people who need it. Jen says that ‘love bigger’ is a concept for all of us. It is about disengaging with the love of self and seeking out others to love and care for with our extra. It’s about finding purpose within our spaces and getting clarity on the items in our homes so we can cut ties to things that no longer serve us. 

Join in on the Love 

Over the years, Clean Sweep Consulting, Inc. has partnered with and delivered donations for free to many local Detroit-area and national charities, including Vietnam Veterans, Gleaners, Habitat for Humanity, Humble Design, Neighborhood House, Grace Centers of Hope and many others. The company is taking charitable downsizing to another level with the addition of the Love Bigger(™) app and, the companion website that lets users connect with charities supporting people who have immediate needs and donate items that meet those needs. The app has streamlined the process of discovering charities that help people in need and meeting those needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

You may be thinking about downsizing but are still determining where to take all the things you used to love. The Love Bigger App is for you. It is launching in the spring of 2023. This app makes it easy to cut the strings on your stuff by blessing those in need. You can learn more by checking out