This 5D Visionary Mentor Is Activating Leaders And Entrepreneurs To Achieve Their Goals.


For ages, people have believed that there is one reality, one earth when in truth, there are countless realities. Humanity is awakening to the understanding that 5D Consciousness is available for access to awakening to a higher level of existence. 

Livia Devi, 5D mentor, and entrepreneur helps people awaken, transcend beyond the physical and shift to a higher level of Consciousness, thus accessing multiple realities and dimensions. She helps people shift their Consciousness from the third dimension to the 4th and 5th Dimensions. 

Livia Devi is a 5D Visionary, mentor, and Trance- Channel for an advanced civilization from the 7th Dimension known as The Arcturian Council of Light. The Arcturian Council put her in a trance and flow through her, placing people in their energetic fields and transmitting codes, technologies, and activations, transforming their physical body and Consciousness into a higher level of being. This enables them to access other realities and dimensions. It allows them to transcend beyond the physical, time, and space and transforms them into a higher level of being. 

The Difference Between The Third And Fifth Dimensions Of Consciousness

The 3rd level of Consciousness is anchored in duality, separation, and contrast. Human existence is only in the physical body, and human reality is predetermined, predestined. People have no control over their reality and follow whatever is happening. 

The 5th Dimension’s existence goes beyond the physical; people embody their multidimensionality, everything is connected, and people have awakened to a higher level of Consciousness. People have access to multiple realities and receive guidance from their oversoul and higher civilizations. People become deliberate co-creators of their reality and choose what they want to experience as their reality. 

How Awakening Benefits Leaders and Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals

Livia Devi’s mission with the Arcturian Council is to activate 5D leaders, Visionaries, and conscious Entrepreneurs. Livia’s teachings are empowering, transformative, and paradigm-breaking. People are taken on a profound journey of self-discovery and self-realization. People can navigate different realities and timelines to learn more about themselves, are exposed to infinite possibilities, and become co-creators of their reality. 

Livia Devi leads powerful group channeling programs and activations that enable 3D to 5D transformations, access to multidimensionality, and different realities and timelines. She shifts their Consciousness to place them into the infinite stream of possibilities and teach them how to become the co-creators of their reality and not live by default. This is essential and groundbreaking to leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to achieve their goals.

Livia Devi activates leaders and entrepreneurs to a higher level of Consciousness. Her transformation enables entrepreneurs to access subconscious programming allowing them to break negative beliefs, clear up what is not serving them, and break the dependency on the physical. It opens them to a world of possibilities, allows them to control their reality, see the bigger picture and strive to achieve their goals.

Spirituality and Entrepreneurship. 

Livia Devi bridges spirituality and entrepreneurship by spiritually mentoring entrepreneurs, leaders, and business-minded people to shift their vision and teach them how to become better versions of themselves. Her transmissions and transformations put them on a higher plane of Consciousness, providing them with exceptional information, insights, and wisdom required to do new projects, come up with alternative solutions to global problems, and grow their business.  

Livia Devi works online to reach people globally; she has a membership program with coaching sessions and transmissions with the Arcturian Council each week. She is a visionary mentor activating leaders and entrepreneurs globally to achieve their goals. Livia is a pioneer for change and human evolution, working to better the world by working with change-makers, e.g., people building eco-villages in Australia and Costa Rica and clients in cryptocurrency. She hopes to work with people to invent new financial, social, and educational systems.





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