25 Twitter Communities To Consider Joining


In September 2021, Twitter announced the beta release of a new product they would soon release, Twitter Communities. Communities are dedicated places to connect with others and get closer to topics you care about most. Whether you love plants and want to connect with other plant enthusiasts. Or if you’re Taylor Swift’s biggest fan and want to talk to other Swifties about her latest album. There’s a community for just about anything!

There are currently two membership types admins can choose from for their community, open and restricted. When a communities membership type is open, it will display a join button. Once you join the community, you’ll be able to start engaging with the community right away. If the communities membership type is restricted, it will display a request to join button. Once you request access to the community, a moderator from that community will need to approve your request. You’ll receive a notification once your request has been approved. 

As the new product rolls out, discovery of different Twitter Communities has been rather difficult. Having to be directly invited to join a community via direct message, or utilizing the Twitter Communities link, itself. Twitter is currently testing with some users the ability to discover new communities through “suggested communities.” 

Nima Owji also reported on Twitter today that the ability to search for communities could be coming soon. Since it’s currently not an option to search for communities and most Twitter users can’t discover new communities through the new suggested communities feature, I curated this list of 25 Twitter Communities I think you should consider joining. Hopefully, you end up joining a few and giving Twitter Communities a try!

1Skincare Twitter

Join Skincare Twitter | By @LaBeautyologist


Join Photography | By @GrumpyBangali

3Xbox Community

Join Xbox Community | By @tomwarren

4Design Twitter

Join Design Twitter | By @retromauro


Join Google | By @mabrownjr

6Twitter Cooking

Join Twitter Cooking | By @SaeedDiCaprio

7Mindfulness Twitter

Join Mindfulness Twitter | By @dearkimberlykay

8Artists On Twitter

Join Artists On Twitter | By @BobbiBicker

9Woman In NFTs

Join Woman in NFTs | By @TheLoftyMom

10(Independent) Music Industry

Join (Independent) Music Industry | By @1EliteGroup

11R&B Twitter

Join R&B Twitter | By @RatedRnB


Join Geekout | By @MattNavarra

13UX Writing & Content Design

Join UX Writing & Content Design | By @juanbuis


Join SciArt | By @FlyingTrilobite


Join Playstation | By @Nightpaws

16Virtual Reality

Join Virtual Reality | By @Basti564

17Queer Creatives

Join Queer Creatives | By @LisaKSalerno

18Marketing Twitter

Join Marketing Twitter | By @ThatChristinaG


Join Wordle | By @arctictony

20Tech Twitter

Join Tech Twitter | By @khushbooverma_


Join Science | By @cagrimbakirci

22Notion Club

Join Notion Club | By @heyeaslo


Join AWS | By @aeduhm

24Product Twitter

Join Product Twitter | By @thedailyem

25Open Source

Join Open Source | By @juliaferraioli

Want to start a community? Twitter is working on expanding community creation access. If you’d like to create your community, you can let Twitter know by filling out the communities interest form! Who knows, maybe your community will be on our list next time!


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