Supporting Los Angeles Hospitality Industry, Top Clubhouse Creators Meet In-Person for First Time to Discuss Future of Social Audio

On Tuesday, Clubhouse's top creators, Nicole Behnam and Leah Lamarr put on an event to help the LA hospitality industry by meeting in-person for the first time with the platform's most popular influencers, including FBI Negotiator Chris Voss and Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman.

Credit: Nicole Behnam | Photo Submission

LOS ANGELES, California On Tuesday, Clubhouse audio influencers and collaborators will meet for the first time in person to discuss the future of audio at Stanley Social in Hollywood.

Clubhouse, today’s biggest social media sensation, is an interactive audio-based social network, which is organized as “rooms” started by users, which then disappear after the host of that room ends the session. The user base is comprised of a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, investors, entertainers, and artists of all ages who are all on the platform to discuss a wide range of topics.

If you’re not familiar with the powerful audio platform, it’s okay, as many still haven’t had the opportunity to use it since the app is still limited to only iOS users.

Tuesday’s event was organized by Nicole Behnam, founder of Beyond Media and Chloe Makhani, founder of Neighborhood Hospitality group, to bring together Clubhouse’s most prominent audio influencers and to support the Los Angeles hospitality and food industry, horrendously devastated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The event will feature many notable speakers, including, but not limited to FBI Negotiator Chris Voss, Alex Banayan, Hawke Media’s Erik Huberman, Intellectual Dark Web founder Eric Weinstein, as well as comedian Leah Lamarr.

Behnam and Lamarr are two of the biggest organizers and thought leaders on the Clubhouse platform. These two women have shown and provided time and time again that this “audio phenomena” is truly impactful for community building and opportunities for those to be heard.

A $4B Valuation is Well-Worth In-Person Clubhouse Events

Recently, Clubhouse was valued at $4 billion, which according to Behnam and Lamarr, has been instrumental in providing users with community building and networking opportunities for creators who were also devastated by the pandemic. It has been the easiest and most effective way to genuinely and authentically create connections, help small businesses grow, and create a sense of community.

“In real life, we all belong to communities, but we don’t always feel a true sense of belonging in them; we don’t always feel valued,” Behnam told True Hollywood Talk.

“But on Clubhouse, people from all walks of life in completely different fields connect and feel at home through the power of voice. On Clubhouse, I can run a room with Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator, bring in a comic like Lamarr for some levity, and have some VCs all on the same stage, having a conversation that would have otherwise never happened, all because of an audio app.”

-Nicole Behnam

“The common denominator is that we care about each other’s personalities,” Lamarr told True Hollywood Talk. “It’s not a superficial connection. If you get followers, it’s because of something you said that resonates, not because your photo is flattering. A follow means more on Clubhouse than other social apps.”

-Leah Lamarr

‘Collaboration Over Competition’

Back in January, Jeremy Knauff, founder of Spartan Media, described the platform’s dynamic as “completely different” than other platforms. “On Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, et al, users share their message, which is often relatively short, and then maybe they’ll engage in some shallow dialogue in the comments before moving on to something else,” Knauff wrote in his Entrepreneur article.

He continued by explaining that “…on Clubhouse…users will often carry on in-depth, engaging conversations for hours—sometimes even more than a full day. And rather than constantly pitching their products or services, most users are freely and transparently sharing their knowledge to help others achieve their goals.”

Knauff’s published article on Entrepreneur quickly became one of the most popularly viewed article on for many weeks, as one of the first in-depth reviews of why/how a platform like Clubhouse became an overnight sensation for the entrepreneurial sector.

“Clubhouse could massively disrupt the social media ecosystem, especially in light of recent censorship controversies and Department of Justice inquiries swirling around Facebook, Twitter and others,” Knauff continued. “There tends to be a major shakeup every few years that completely changes the power balance, and I think we’re about to see another one.”

As for what individuals like Behnam and Lamarr are doing to bring Clubhouse to life, it will be an exciting and incredibly powerful event to look forward to as these creators have become very close friends, very early on since the initial release of the Clubhouse app.

This article will be updated in real-time as True Hollywood Talk receives additional photos and statements from the event’s founders, speakers, and attendees.


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